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Deadline: May 21, 2014

Albuquerque Community Foundation

The Albuquerque Community Foundation will make grants to organizations that serve the Albuquerque community in the following areas:
1) Arts and Culture grants support opportunities to participate in, and/or learn about, the arts of diverse cultures with an emphasis on low-income populations and/or at-risk children and youth.
2) Education grants support programs for early childhood, K-12 programs and adult learning experiences including literacy, parental involvement programs and vocational/career training.
3) Environmental and Historic Preservation grants support the preservation of historic resources, conservation of natural land and wildlife and education programs with an emphasis on K-12 education programs and/or projects with strong community involvement
4) Health grants support access to quality health care (including mental health) for uninsured, underinsured and medically underserved adults and children
5) Human Services grants support assistance for vulnerable populations including at-risk children/youth and seniors; aid for people in transition or people who are homeless to become self-sufficient; and  to nurture families.
Amount: If an applicant’s total income was under $500,000, the organization may apply for up to $10,000 in funding, but not more than 20% of that income amount. If the applicant’s total income was $500,000 or more, the organization may apply for up to $15,000 in funding.

Arts & Culture, Education or Environmental & Historic Preservation Letters of Inquiry are due February 4, 2014.

Health and Human Services Letters of Inquiry are due May 21, 2014.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations, exempt from Federal Income Taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, public educational institutions, or public agencies. Organizations must have been incorporated in the state of New Mexico for a minimum of 5 years (verified by the NM Secretary of State, Business Services Division) and be current with all state and federal reporting requirements. Schools – K through 12, colleges and universities, government entities, and umbrella funding organizations are not eligible for operating support grants (but may be eligible for program support).

Link: http://www.albuquerquefoundation.org/grants.aspx

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