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Deadline: May 17, 2019

Andrus Family Fund

The Andrus Family Fund (AFF) seeks to foster just and sustainable change in the United States. AFF’s work is guided by a strong commitment to social justice and racial equity. Removing barriers and creating conditions in which the most vulnerable youth can thrive not only impacts their lives but also the country’s economic prosperity.

AFF’s grant-making priorities are directly aligned with its values and a strong commitment to social justice and racial equity. It is interested in partnering with organizations that understand the intersection of racial and economic justice. AFF will fund organizations that address the needs of young people ages 16-24 impacted by the foster care and juvenile justice systems and align with four key values (deep engagement, just opportunity, connected innovation, and sustained impact).

AFF will fund organizations that operate within the following categories:

  • Direct Service: 1) Deliver high quality programs and services that are developmentally appropriate for older youth; and 2) Provide access to programs and services that contribute to the well-being of youth and their communities.
  • Policy/Advocacy: 1) Understand that effective and authentic change requires the active voice of those to be impacted by policy change; and 2) Work to counter punitive and unjust policies that disproportionately impact historically disenfranchised communities and communities of color.
  • Community Organizing: 1) Ensure the active participation and leadership of youth and young adults at all levels of decision-making; 2) Work to recruit and build the leadership capacity of current and potential grassroots leaders; and 3) Work to mobilize community members and partners.
  • Capacity Building: Strengthening Organizations and Amplifying Resilience (SOAR), AFF’s Capacity Building Initiative, seeks to enhance the organizational effectiveness of AFF partners by listening closely to partner needs. SOAR helps existing grantee partners access highly skilled trainers and organizational development consultants across diverse areas who can help them build strong, sustainable organizations. SOAR engages in a capacity building process that is grantee-led and informed. Through SOAR, AFF partners work with select providers that specialize in strengthening organizational infrastructure, support leadership development grounded in somatics and healing justice, engage in strategic communications trainings, enhance internal financial, human resource, or evaluation systems, and more.

Preference is given to organizations that:

  • Authentically engage young people and provide opportunities for them to be involved in directing their own lives and shaping their own communities
  • Employ culturally relevant and appropriate policies and practices
  • Provide direct services that address the needs of young people impacted by the foster care and juvenile justice systems
  • Work to create new career pathways and improve existing pathways that lead to upward economic mobility for youth and young adults
  • Utilize policy change and advocacy as approaches to removing barriers and ensuring the healthy development of young people
  • Can demonstrate moderate evidence of program impact or articulate plans for making measurable progress
  • Are actively pursuing cross-sector partnerships with youth-serving systems
  • Prioritize the needs of low-income communities and youth of color in their work
  • Maintain sound financial practices and management
  • Demonstrate a capacity and willingness to share best practices and knowledge with their colleagues and others in the field

Amount: Grants average $30,000-$50,000.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations and organizations that apply through a sponsoring agency that has a 501(c)(3) status.

Link: https://affund.org/grantseekers/

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