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Deadline: April 21, 2019

APS Education Foundation: Walmart Blue Sky Grant

The Walmart Blue Sky Award is aimed at helping middle school leaders fund a key need that will improve school culture, increase student engagement, or improve academic achievement. The grant is not designed to address a single-classroom issue and is envisioned as an avenue that helps large groups of students. Grant budgets can include stipends, but must also include benefits and taxes in accordance with APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) standards.

Criteria for funding is as follows:

  • Student impact: Applicants should make the case that funding this proposal can show results in keeping students in school, give them a heightened chance for success in their academic futures, or improve the learning environment for a large number of students at the school.
  • Widespread impact: Reaching the most students for the dollar is critical, so a key consideration will include the number of students who will directly benefit from the effort.
  • Solid planning: A realistic budget, including all costs, is essential to a good application. Extra consideration will be given to schools that can formulate a funding plan, minus Foundation assistance, for the long term.

Amount: One grant of $18,000 or less will be awarded. The project should be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year.

Eligibility: Submissions are limited to comprehensive APS middle schools and schools of choice serving students in grades 6-8. Only one application per school will be accepted. Partnerships with 501(c)(3) organizations that allow the school community to be innovative in student engagement and retention efforts are allowed, but the applicant must be an APS school administrator.

Link: http://www.aps.edu/education-foundation/grants/walmart-foundation-blue-sky-grant

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