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Deadline: July 18, 2014

Bernalillo County: Social Services Program

Bernalillo County’s Purchasing Department supports services aligned with its strategies of leveraging services through partnerships to effect administrative efficiency and effectiveness and expand interactive communication within communities for the purposes of fostering strong partnerships among providers. The County will support social services that contribute to the improvement of results in the following four priority areas: Education, Health, Economic Well-being and Family and Community Development.

The County encourages ‘‘place based’’ and collaborative services that leverage resources and enhance the effects of well-coordinated activities, such as: 1) Supporting strong partnerships; 2) Sharing accountability of results; 3) Fostering social and academic success; 3) Building on community resources; 4) Embracing diversity; 5) Engaging individuals; and 6) Addressing comprehensive needs.

Priority areas are summarized below:

Priority 1: Education – Extend learning opportunities to increase capacity for social and academic success. Results:

  • Children attend center-based early childhood programs that operate within licensing standards of New Mexico. Indicators are: 1) Children attend center-based early childhood programs; and 2) Parents are engaged in their chid’s readiness to enter school
  • Students progress successfully Kindergarten through High School. Indicators are: 1) School student attendance; and 2) Student grades and proficiency scores
  • Individuals and families progress academically. Indicator: Individuals participate in GED, ESL, ABE, literacy, and/or higher education.

Priority 2: Health – Expand health access to address basic physical, mental, and emotional health needs. Results:

  • Individuals/families are healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Indicators are: 1) Access to healthcare coverage; 2) Access to affordable healthcare services; and 3) Access to behavioral health services.
  • Clients/families have sufficient nutrition. Indicator: Access to food or meals.
  • A community that is physically healthy and active. Indicators are: 1) Tobacco and/or alcohol use; and 2) Individuals are physically active and practice healthy life-styles.

Priority 3: Economic Well-Being – Enhance support services to increase the ability to become self-sufficient and enhance economic well-being. Results:

  • Clients and families live and learn in stable environments. Indicators are: 1) Adequate resources to support employment needs; 2) Access to services to meet basic needs; 3) Access to stable housing.

Priority 4: Family and Community Development – Engage individuals, clients, parents, educators, and community leaders to actively participate in designing, supporting, monitoring and advocating for relevant programs in their community. Results:

  • Individuals/families are engaged in the community. Indicators are: 1) Family mobility; and 2) Youth/families participate in community-based programs.
  • Communities are engaged in insuring their long term success. Indicators are: 1) Stakeholders are active contributors for insuring community success.

Amount: Awards will be made for not less than $25,000.

Eligibility: Agencies currently incorporated as a non-profit corporation, duly registered and in good standing with the New Mexico Secretary of State Office and has not-for-profit status and meeting all requirements set forth in the RFP, or community-based organizations using a qualified non-profit organization as fiscal agent.

Note: A mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held June 27, 1:30 pm at the South Valley Multi-Purpose Senior Center.


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