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Deadline: September 15, 2014

Bernalillo County: Social Services

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners makes yearly appropriations for the purpose of funding social services to benefit Bernalillo County’s most vulnerable residents. The County is interested in funding the following:

  • Priority 1 – Education: Extend learning opportunities to increase capacity for social and academic success.
  • Priority 2 – Health: Expand health access to address basic physical, mental and emotional health needs.
  • Priority 3 – Economic Well-being: Enhance support services to increase the ability to become self-sufficient and enhance economic well-being.
  • Priority 4 – Family and Community Development: Engage individuals, clients, parents, educators, and community leaders to actively participate in designing, supporting, monitoring and advocating for relevant programs in their community.
  • Priority 5 – Senior Services: Ensure basic needs of our Senior population are met; Seniors have access to support services; Seniors have access to care; and Seniors have access to nutrition and physical activity.

Amount: The minimum award amount is $25,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in good standing with the state of New Mexico.

Link: http://www.bernco.gov/purchasing/

Note: This RFP is a reissue of an earlier RFP. The County has added Priority 5 – Senior Services to the funding scope.

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