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Deadline: February 14, 2019

Bigglesworth Family Foundation: CYSTEM

The Bigglesworth Family Foundation believes that meaningful change does not happen in silos. As a result, it values sector-wide collaboration and opportunities that bring together leaders from a variety of organizations and disciplines to work together to craft new approaches and explore alternative strategies.

The mission of the Foundation’s CYSTEM (C – Continuum from high school to university to professional life; Y – Yield increases in underrepresented demographics; S – Social innovation via content, connected programs & organizations; T – Technology based solutions; E – Ecosystems created by connectivity; M – Metric to measure progress and impact) grants is to accelerate and maximize diversity in schools and the workplace in the Interactive Software Industry. CYSTEM connects leading organizations in the industry who are aligned with the Foundation’s mission through program designs that create an inter-organizational continuum of support from high school through University programs into professional life. In addition, CYSTEM support interactive content focused on social impact. CYSTEM grants include:

  • I & R Grants: I & R Grants target projects and programs that are both innovative and replicable. The Foundation supports these grants to allow sector leaders to test new models that have the potential to help their individual organizations and when replicated, to help their peer organizations. This includes, but is not limited to, new strategy-focused projects or products designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization, projects that help clear a path for diverse individuals to careers in the Interactive Software industry, and projects that work to solve systemic barriers for underrepresented communities within the sector.
  • Sector Supporting Grants (Recruitment & Retention and Advocacy): Recruitment and Retention Grants: In an effort to support diversity in the interactive software industry and ensure a strong and consistent pipeline of new staff, the Foundation supports grants that focus on recruitment and retention of individuals from underrepresented communities. Advocacy Grants: In an effort to help improve diversity, the Foundation funds efforts to support the diversification of the interactive software industry.
  • Organizational Development (OD) Access Grants: OD Access Grants seek to strengthen an organization’s ability to efficiently deliver services to clients. Ranging from $1,000-$3,500, these grants facilitate access to existing tools that might otherwise be out the organization’s financial reach, that have a direct benefit to the organization or the clients they serve. In an effort to be responsive to the needs of grantees, OD Access Grants are reviewed within 30 days of the date the application is submitted.

The Foundation accepts LOIs for CYSTEM grants on the following schedule: November 1, 2018 – February 14, 2019 for consideration in the foundation’s 2019 Spring Grant Cycle. Once reviewed, feedback will be provided and invitations to submit complete grant applications will be sent, if applicable. The deadline for complete grant applications is April 1, 2019.

Amount: Most grants are in the $10,000-30,000 range. A small number of grants exceed this amount.

Eligibility: All potential grantees must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or a public entity based anywhere in the United States.

Link: https://www.bigglesworthff.org/cystem-application-pro

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