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Deadline: December 9, 2016

Cardinal Health Foundation: E3 Grant Program

Cardinal Health develops and supports programs that help healthcare providers implement best practices that can truly transform patient care. In 2017, the E3 (Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Excellence in Healthcare) Grant Program will take into account the rapidly changing demographics, the importance of the patient and the family as key partners in care, and a renewed appreciation for the value medications, when used appropriately, can play in positive patient outcomes.

E3 seeks proposals that include the following criteria:

  • Supporting the best use of medications, especially at transitions across the continuum of care from the hospital to home/to ambulatory settings
  • Managing diabetes and/or multiple chronic diseases
  • Being informed by and implementing emerging innovations that have been tested and are supported by data showing success in improving outcomes, reducing cost, or accelerating the rate of change in healthcare
  • Engaging patients and their caregivers/families as well as healthcare leadership
  • Publishing or otherwise sharing outcomes
  • Finding innovative and sustainable ways to effect long-term change

Amount: Requests of up to $35,000 per year will be considered.

Eligibility: Nonprofit healthcare institutions including those in acute and ambulatory settings working in partnership with each other or independently. Collaboratives are also eligible.

Link: http://www.cardinalhealth.com/en/about-us/corporate-citizenship/community-relations/healthcare/e3-patient-safety-grant-program.html

Note: Informational webinars will be held on the following dates: October 17, 2016 and October 26, 2016.

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