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Deadline: October 11, 2017

City of Albuquerque: Social Services Request for Proposals – Community Shuttle for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness and/or with Mental Behavioral Issues

The City of Albuquerque, Department of Family and Community Services will support organizations to supplement existing public transportation with a shuttle service that focuses on transporting homeless or street-bound individuals who have difficulty accessing public transportation to reach specific destinations, such as, but not limited to, service providers, food pantries, community centers, and state/county offices. In addition to an experienced driver, the shuttle will be staffed with one peer support/care coordination individual who will be tasked with monitoring and assisting riders to navigate their planned destinations and provide support as needed. Services in this program should include, but not be limited to:

  1. Providing free transportation in an ADA accessible shuttle primarily to individuals experiencing homelessness and/or with mental or behavioral issues that prevent them from navigating available public transportation
  2. Providing a peer support/navigation staff on board the shuttle to assist passengers

Respondents may propose to provide the services listed in points (1) or (2) (see above) and contract the other scope of service to an organization that has the capacity and expertise in the area. The applicant should propose a project that includes best practices, including trauma informed care, harm reduction and person- centered approach, and community collaboration, that deliver improved outcomes for the passengers. Driver and navigator must be trained in proposed best practices which include harm reduction and peer support models. Outcomes should be measurable showing increased access to services for those targeted individuals by means of reducing transportation barriers.

This is a pilot project. Renewal funding after the pilot year is contingent to meeting performance, City Council approval, and/or availability of City General Funds.

Amount: A total of $234,000 is available.

Eligibility: An agency that is a unit of state or local government and/or an agency currently incorporated as a nonprofit corporation, duly registered and in good standing with the state of New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, which has nonprofit status under 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code and which has demonstrated capability in providing the services for which it is applying.

Link: http://bit.ly/2hh98CA

Note: One mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held on Thursday October 5, 2017.

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