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Deadline: November 6, 2017

City of Santa Fe: Employment Opportunities for Homeless and Precariously Housed Individuals

The City of Santa Fe’s Human Services funding provides and maintains a safety net of services to meet the essential health and human service needs of the adult citizens’ ages 18+ of Santa Fe. The City of Santa Fe wishes to ensure that these essential services, which include primary health care, access to basic material goods and services like food and shelter, mental health counseling, and related crisis services are available to residents.

The Human Services Committee currently funds 13 organizations in three priority funding categories: Adult Health, Behavioral Health, and Community Safety. The Human Services Committee is focusing on the constituent response to Santa Fe’s homeless population; this funding will focus on the Community Opportunities priority area, with an emphasis on:

1. Employment opportunities for Santa Fe’s homeless (staying in temporary emergency shelters, living on the street, living in cars, etc.) and precariously housed (couch surfing and/or doubled up) community members, with:

  • Wraparound services including referrals to services
  • Transportation to/from job sites
  • Supervision of participants
  • Meals
  • Daily payments for work

2. Collection of money from city ‘panhandling’ meters which will be used to supplement participants work stipends; money collected will need to be documented and reported monthly with supporting financial documents to the Youth and Family Services Program Manager.

Funding is primarily intended to pay for direct services for the community, rather than to pay for administrative costs and applicants should reflect this in their budgets. Direct administrative costs for the program shall be as low as possible (not to exceed 30%).

Amount: Funding must not exceed $70,000 and is on a cost reimbursement basis.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations or applicants whose programs are covered by a fiscal agent. Applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate and partner with service providers to measure, track, and have sustaining impact on the Human Services priority indicators.

Link: https://www.santafenm.gov/bids_rfps/detail/1811p

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