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Deadline: October 1, 2022

Clif Family Foundation

Note: Additional deadlines occur on February 1 and June 1, annually.

The Clif Family Foundation supports small-to-midsize grassroots organizations to strengthen food system, enhance equitable community health outcomes, and protect the places people play by being stewards of the environment and natural resources. The aim is to leave the world a better place for today’s children.

Applicants must address two or more of the following priorities at the same time:

1. Strengthen the Food System
* Grow organic farming and other climate-friendly agriculture
* Connect families with local food outlets and farmers
* Create viable opportunities for the next generation of farmers
* Democratize access to fresh and nutrient-dense foods
* Remove barriers to a thriving racially diverse agriculture
* Safeguard agricultural seeds and biodiversity

2. Enhance Equitable Community Health Outcomes
* Curtail exposure to toxic materials
* Expand pedestrian and bicycling opportunities
* Improve workers’ standard of living, wages, and working conditions
* Increase access to nature and outdoor activities
* Promote clean water access

3. Safeguard the Environment and Natural Resources
* Accelerate action on climate change
* Advance renewable energy and support green jobs
* Break the resource waste cycle
* Conserve water supplies for fair, long-term access
* Foster widespread environmental justice
* Preserve watersheds, open spaces, and wild places

Amount: Grants range up to $25,000 with a common range from $3,000 – $10,000.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Link: https://cliffamilyfoundation.org/grants-program

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