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Deadline: April 13, 2015

College Board Award for Excellence in the Arts

The College Board is seeking applicants for the 2015 College Board Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts. This annual award recognizes and celebrates the achievements of arts initiatives that serve students in grades 6–12 and that promote student learning and creativity in exemplary and innovative ways. Awards will be given to model programs in three categories:

  • Arts Integration: The arts integration award will recognize a middle or high school program that uses an innovative approach to cross-curricular study, drawing connections between arts-based learning and the themes, content, and ideas of other subjects, including English language arts, science, social studies, math, and/or other areas of the 6–12 curriculum. Model programs/projects may integrate arts-based methods of investigation into non-arts classrooms, incorporate non-arts content and ideas into arts curricula, or employ a method of collaborative or parallel study between two or more content areas.
  • Equity Through Arts: This award will be given to a successful middle or high school arts program that uses the arts as a tool for increasing academic engagement among underserved students. Model arts programs may have a track record of raising student attendance and graduation rates, use arts opportunities and course work to increase college access and attendance among students, or successfully build student awareness of and preparation for professional opportunities in the arts.
  • Civic Engagement/Professional Partnerships: This award will recognize a middle or high school arts program that uses arts experiences as vehicles for community engagement. Programs eligible for the civic engagement award may foster collaborations between students and local arts professionals or nonprofit organizations, engage students in developing original arts-focused projects or fundraisers in partnership with local or national nonprofits, or employ other methods of using the arts to increase community involvement among young people.

Amount: There is one award in each of the three categories in the amount of $5,000. Among the three winning schools, one will be named the national winner and will be awarded an additional $2,500.

Eligibility: Public and private schools serving students in grades 6–12 may apply. The applicant program must have been in place for one year prior to the application date. Applications may highlight the work of an entire department, a selected course, a specific project or collaboration within a course, or after-school opportunities for students.

Link: https://artsaward.collegeboard.org/

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