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Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Deadline: January 4, 2017

The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation was established in 2002 to award grants to a broad spectrum of charities, including those that benefit spinal cord injury efforts. Today, the Foundation is primarily dedicated to funding extensive research, education, and quality of life programs for improving the lives of people affected by spinal cord injury. The Foundation’s vision is that individuals with spinal cord injuries, and those who care for them, live full and productive lives as active participants in their communities.

The Foundation is currently soliciting applications in its “Creating Opportunity and Independence” portfolio. This portfolio supports organizations that enhance services and develop innovative projects to improve participation and independence for people living with spinal cord injury. Areas of focus include: assistive technology, education, employment, independent living, rehabilitation, and sports and recreation. These grants support non-profit organizations that have a significant impact on the spinal cord injury community and that address gaps in service.

There are three funding categories:

  • Project Grants: One-year Project Grants support services and projects benefiting participants with spinal cord injury, including purchase of essential equipment. This is an open competition.
  • Network Programs: One-year Network Programs fund networks and umbrella organizations that support grassroots programming. These grants provide resources to support the activities of small non-profit groups, with a goal of enhancing access to participation by persons with spinal cord injuries. This program is by invitation only.
  • Sustainable Impact Projects: Three-year Sustainable Impact Projects grants focus on innovative projects that will have high impact, such as making systemic changes in the delivery of services and care to enhance participation and quality of life. These grants are designed to launch or augment impactful programs by encouraging out-of-the-box ideas and streamlined solutions that address important gaps in service for both families and individuals affected by spinal cord injury. This program is by invitation only.

Amount: Not provided. Past grants may be reviewed at: https://chn.uberresearch.com/grant/query/grant.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Link: http://chnfoundation.org/quality-of-life-programs

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