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Deadline: July 17, 2018

Department of Housing and Urban Development: Continuum of Care Permanent Housing Project

The Albuquerque Continuum of Care prepares the Continuum of Care (CoC) Consolidated Application for submission to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annually. The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness (NMCEH) coordinates this process. The Continuum’s priorities have been and continue to be: 1) continued funding of existing projects that fill important needs in addressing homelessness in Albuquerque, consistent with A Community Response to Homelessness in Albuquerque Plan and 2) funding to support the development of new permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness.

In 2018, the Albuquerque Continuum of Care can apply for $325,962.78, in one or more new bonus projects. There may also be additional funding available through reallocation. Whether a CoC receives funds for the Permanent Housing Bonus is based on three overarching criteria: CoC need, CoC overall performance, and project quality. The Permanent Supportive Housing bonus allows all CoCs to apply for funding to create:
1) A Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) project that exclusively serves chronically homeless individuals and/or families or with 100% DedicatedPLUS beds; or
2) A Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) project that serves one or more of the eligible populations listed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFA); or
3) A Joint Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-Housing project that will combine TH and RRH into a single project that serves individuals and families experiencing homelessness. See NOFA for details.

In order to be considered, your project must meet HUD’s minimum requirements for new projects:

  • The project must be located in Albuquerque, NM.
  • The project request must not exceed $325,962.78.
  • The project must serve the appropriate target population.
  • The project must request eligible activities and not exceed limits for admin funding.
  • The applicant must be a nonprofit, unit of government (local, county or state), instrumentality of local government or public housing authority.
  • Applicant must be in good standing with HUD which means there may not be any significant issues related to capacity, performance, or unresolved audit/monitoring finding related to one or more existing grants.
  • Applicant must agree to fully participate in the Statewide Coordinated Entry System. This includes participating in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), signing the HMIS data sharing agreement, filling all project openings from the Coordinated Entry System, and housing people according to the priorities listed in the Albuquerque and Balance of State CoC Common Standards for Administering Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing or Transitional Housing.
  • If the applicant currently receives Continuum of Care and/or Emergency Solutions Grant funding, it must be fully using HMIS, as required by HUD, for all CoC or ESG funded projects.
  • You must provide evidence that you can meet HUD’s match requirement, if applicable. The applicant must match all grant funds, except for leasing funds, with at least 25 percent cash or in-kind contributions from other sources. Cash match must be used for the costs of eligible CoC activities. HUD will require in-kind match contributions to have Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) that meet certain criteria; see CoC Program Interim Rule for details. No match is required for leasing costs. For the application, list your match sources and amount for each source. If your project is selected, you will need to provide written documentation of your match sources.

In order to be considered, your project must also meet the following minimum criteria established by the CoC IRC:

  • The organization must have the authority to undertake the proposed project. If your project is selected, you will be asked to provide a board resolution showing that the board approves the proposed project.
  • The organization must have the financial stability to undertake the proposed project. The IRC will determine this by analyzing audits and financial statements.
  • If you are applying for acquisition/rehab, new construction or operating funds for a site-based project, you must have site control. The IRC will consider on a case-by-case basis any applications where obtaining site control is contingent upon receiving CoC funds. If your project is selected, you will be asked to provide a deed or lease showing you have site control.
  • The NMCEH staff will ask the local HUD field office if it has concerns about the applicant’s capacity to undertake the proposed project. If so, the IRC will not select the proposed project.

Amount: $325,962.78 is available to support one or more projects. Applicants may apply for the full amount, or a lesser amount.

Eligibility: Nonprofits, units of government (local, county or state), instrumentality of local government, or public housing authority.

Link: http://www.nmceh.org/pages/continuumCare.html

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