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Deadline: July 7, 2014

U.S. Department of Labor: Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants Programs

In an increasingly competitive global economy, America’s economic strength depends on the education and skills of its workers. The nation needs workers with the education and skills to succeed in fast- growing, high-wage occupations. The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training program (TAACCCT) provides capacity-building grants to spur innovation and the development of model training programs at America’s community colleges and universities. TAACCCT funded programs will prepare participants for employment in high-wage, high-skill occupations by using innovative and sophisticated strategies that address the unique needs of unemployed or under-employed adults. Throughout the first three rounds of TAACCCT, grantees have transformed the ways they design and deliver courses to adults through accelerated learning strategies, redesigned curricula, and technology-enhanced learning activities. These have included the incorporation of prior learning and knowledge, integrated occupational and academic learning, new educational technology, work-based learning opportunities, and online and distance learning opportunities. The TAACCCT program seeks to increase the number of workers who attain certificates, degrees, and other industry-recognized credentials, helping to meet President Obama’s college graduation goal of increasing the percentage of adults with a post-secondary credential by 2020. The overarching goals of the program are to: (1) increase attainment of degrees, certifications, certificates, diplomas, and other industry-recognized credentials that match the skills needed by employers to better prepare workers eligible for training under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Workers Program (“TAA-eligible workers”) of chapter 2 of title II of the Trade Act of 1974, 19 U.S.C. 2271-2323, and other adults for high-wage, high-skill employment or re-employment in growth industry sectors; (2) introduce or replicate innovative and effective methods for designing and delivering instruction that address specific industry needs and lead to improved learning, completion, and other outcomes for TAA-eligible workers and other adults; and (3) demonstrate improved employment outcomes.

Amount: $450,000,000 available; 50 awards anticipated to be made ranging from $2,260,000-$20,000,000.

Eligibility: Eligible institutions are institutions of higher education as defined in Section 102 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1002) which offer programs that can be completed in not more than two years. They include public, proprietary, or other non-profit educational institutions. Generally, such institutions of higher education include two-year and four-year colleges and universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-serving Institutions, and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving Institutions. Educational institutions in the U.S. territories are eligible if they offer programs that can be completed in not more than two years and are accredited by an agency or association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Department of Labor strongly encourages applicants to form consortia within a state (single-state consortia). The Department is also interested in consortium applicants with members that are located across state lines, but share a common labor market (regional multi-state consortia). National multi-state consortia comprised of community colleges that do not share a common labor market or regional industry sector are not eligible to apply under this Solicitation.

Link: http://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=253993

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