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Deadline: April 24, 2015

Doris Duke Foundation: Building Demand for the Arts

The mission of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is to improve the quality of people’s lives through grants supporting the performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research, and the prevention of child abuse, and through preservation of the cultural and environmental legacy of Doris Duke’s properties. The Foundation’s Arts Program strives to support artists with the creation and public performance of their work. The Foundation focuses its support on contemporary dance, jazz, and theatre artists, and the organizations that nurture, present, and produce them. Through a special initiative, the Performing Artist Initiative, the Foundation is awarding $50 million that extends beyond its ongoing commitment to the arts.

Building Demand for the Arts (formerly Doris Duke Artist Residency grants) is a focus within the Performing Artist Initiative that supports organizations and artists working together to increase demand for jazz, theatre, and/or contemporary dance. Building Demand grants promote deeper partnerships, longer relationships, and new kinds of conversation and cooperation between organizations and artists. Demand can manifest itself in various ways including: increasing attendance at paid performances; increasing enrollment in classes or free activities; increasing public personal practice; moving the needle in public opinion polls, or achieving greater success in public referenda to support the arts. It is composed of two types of grants:

  • Exploration grants support organizations and artists working together to imagine new ways to build demand for jazz, contemporary dance, and/or theatre. Exploration grants support exploration of issues and beginning steps towards project design. Artists must spend at least 30 days (consecutive or spread over a period of up to 15 months) on site at the host organization. During this time, applicants may engage in a variety of activities, including but not limited to retreats, community meetings, staff planning sessions, board meetings, audience discussions, meetings with civic leaders and groups outside of the organization, talkbacks, reflective time, writing, or research projects. Applicants must address specific communities, markets, and audiences among whom demand is built. The program will support partnerships between organizations and artists not of the same discipline.
  • Implementation grants support artists on site for at least 90 days (consecutive or spread over a period of up to 24 months) to continue exploration and implement pilot projects designed to build demand. Applicants are expected to identify specific communities, markets, or audiences to be targeted for building demand and a strategy focus. Applicants may think in terms of any of the following: relationship strategies, such as building new relationships with target communities or audiences; venue strategies, such as rethinking location of activities with the target communities or audiences; financial strategies, such as costs or ticket prices; content strategies, such as the works to be presented or produced; and other approaches as identified by the applicant. Implementation grants support costs incurred specifically for activities related to building demand for the performing arts. Prior support through Exploration grants is not a requirement for Implementation applicants.

Amount: Organizations with a budget of at least $300,000 can apply for Exploration grants of $20,000 ($9,375 for artists) or Implementation grants of $55,000 ($28,125 for artists).

Organizations with a budget of more than $750,000 can apply for Exploration grants of $40,000 ($18,750 for artists) or Implementation grants of $110,000 ($56,250 for artists).

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations that employ or contract professional artists, have existed for at least three years, and compensate artists appropriately. Organizations must have annual expenses of at least $300,000 related to presenting, producing, and/or providing services to professional artists or organizations in jazz, contemporary dance, and/or theatre in each of the last three completed fiscal years as well as the current fiscal year. Producing organizations, presenting organizations, and service organizations may apply.

Applicant artists must be professional artists with a minimum of three years of work as a professional (they are not required to come from the jazz, contemporary dance, or theatre field). Ideal artist partners are “outside insiders,” artists who have had some significant past relationship with the organization (a single performance or production is sufficient) but who are not full-time affiliates or company/ensemble/resident/staff members or who have held such positions with the applicant within the last four years. Projects may also pair organizations with multiple artists or ensembles, although the issue of significant compensation for each artist will be a strong review consideration.

Link: http://www.ddcf.org/Programs/Arts/Initiatives–Strategies/Doris-Duke-Performing-Artist-Initiative/Doris-Duke-Building-Demand-for-the-Arts/

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