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Deadline: August 26, 2015

Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department: New Mexico Forest Re-Leaf Program

The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), Forestry Division’s (Forestry Division) New Mexico Forest Re-Leaf Program invites Applicants to submit a tree planting grant application for the 2015/2016 grant cycle. The emphasis is on community tree planting projects including street plantings, windbreaks, park plantings, living snow fences, riparian rehabilitation, wildlife habitat, energy conservation, and community green belts.

Projects must be located on public land (for example: public parks, streets, school grounds, and public open space and public trail systems, etc.). If the project takes place on land not owned by the applicant, the applicant shall provide written permission from the land owner or land manager where the project is to take place.

Amount: Up to $6,000 per grant.

Eligibility: Not stated.

Link: http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/sfd/rfps/rfpmain.html

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