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Deadline: June 15, 2016

Food and Farm Communications Fund

The Food and Farm Communications Fund (FFCF) exists to strategically educate the public about sustainable agriculture and good food. Grants are awarded for communications projects that meet a set of specific goals and outcomes. Proposals are evaluated using the following overarching criteria:

  • Projects that advance a specifically targeted innovative media/communications effort
  • Projects that will assist in removing the “roadblocks” to better communications efforts aimed at affecting consumers and public opinion
  • Projects within the media and communications spectrum that are well-positioned for targeted policy issues and that engage at both the national and local levels

More specifically the FFCF looks for:

  • Creative, innovative and out-of the-box forms of communication. While this may or may not include feature-length documentaries, it can also include video games, comic books, theater arts, user-generated content/platforms, video channels, and other emerging forms of media.
  • Communications that help make clear the links between domestic and global food systems and their implications including the broader health/justice/economic development aspects of food and agriculture work.
  • Projects that make clear the links between farms and the cultures and landscapes they are a part of. These may include links to water/drought, climate change, and the importance of culture in food and farming for growers, producers and consumers alike.

The FFCF seeks to leverage projects that support broader, higher risk efforts in terms of communications. With limited resources, the Fund is not seeking to support an organization’s ongoing communications activities, but rather more out-of-the-box thinking. The FFCF also seeks to commit a portion of funding toward communications activities with/for communities that have been most disenfranchised and impacted by the current food system.

Amount: Between $10,000-$100,000.

Eligibility: No eligibility restrictions are noted outside of being able to meet the Fund’s objectives.

Link: http://foodandfarmcommunications.org/applying.html

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