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Deadline: February 27, 2023

Funders Network: Partners for Places

Partners for Places enhances local capacity to build equitable and sustainable communities in the United States and Canada. It does this through trust-based grantmaking that supports equitable collaborative partnerships. The current funding opportunity supports advancing collaborative partnerships between a local government sustainability and/or water department, frontline community partner, and placebased funder. Current opportunities include:

1. Two-year grants ($75,000 – $180,000): available to all eligible partnerships

* Create or improve collaborative partnerships between a local government sustainability
and/or water department, frontline community partner, and place-based funder. The budget must allocate up to $30,000 for partnership building in year 1 and include the hiring of an expert to facilitate the integration of equity principles.
* Planning or implementation of an Equitable Climate Action (ECA) and/or Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) project that addresses frontline community priorities.

2. One-year grants ($45,000 – $150,000) are also listed, however, only available to partnerships that have previously received a Partners for Places mini grant.

Funds can be used for:
• Personnel costs related to the work, like supporting new local government interns or staff, new or
existing staff supporting frontline communities, or consultant fees.8
• Other project costs, like community stipends, supplies, administrative expenses, or small capital /
equipment expenses directly related to the work.

Award: Two-year grants range from $75,000 – $180,000. Approximately 7-10 projects will be supported. A local foundation match of at least 50% is required. Applications earn points commensurate with the amount of the supporting match up to 100%.

Eligibility: A 501c3 non-profit must be identified as the grant recipient, willing to accept and manage
grant funds on behalf of the partners post-award. This can be a fiscal sponsor, a place-based foundation, or a nonprofit organization. In most cases, one of the partners is already equipped for this role.

To be eligible, all applications must meet the following requirements:

* At least a 50% cash match of the requested amount has been identified. A funding match of at least 50% of the Partners for Places request from at least 1 placebased funder is required for the implementation phase.
(A) Place-based funders must provide evidence of this match, by including either: (1) a signed grant letter or grant agreement; or (2) a signed letter showing a strong intention to approve the matching grant within three months, should Partners for Places approve the application for funding.
(B) In-kind support will not be counted toward the cash match. The local match may not be provided by a national funder that currently invests in Partners for Places.

* There are no open general grants with Partner for Places. Proposing teams with mini grants are eligible to apply, however.

* Only one application per grant cycle has been submitted by each collaborative partnership.
* The application is submitted by one of the partners, with a grant recipient identified.

Link: https://www.fundersnetwork.org/partners-for-places/

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