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Deadline: February 14, 2018

JAMS Foundation/ACR Partnership: Conflict Resolution Education and Services for Youth At Risk of Gang Involvement

The JAMS Foundation/Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) partnership will support programs that advance the development, implementation, and/or assessment of conflict prevention and resolution strategies to serve youth in families whose integrity is jeopardized by changes in social environment that can lead to gang involvement. These programs should focus on changes in the social environment which must include one or more changes in: family composition; home location; education; trauma; addiction; violence; perpetual unresolved conflict; prison; economic challenges; or access to efficient, effective, and responsive education, justice, opportunity, or conflict prevention/resolution services.

These programs may be building on what some agencies are already doing, but will specifically aim to integrate the development of conflict resolution training, education, or services to help address each of the following areas of impact:

  • Individual (e.g., youth, family, service provider)
  • Institutional (e.g., criminal justice system, public/subsidized housing, school)
  • Environmental conditions (e.g., economic, socioeconomic, emerging)

Projects should focus on forming and fostering the relationships between each of the individual area, youth, family, service provider and one of the institutions in the institutional area and one of the environmental condition, to ensure that future decision points integrate the learning that took place related to constructive conflict engagement.

The populations to be served will be (1) youth in pre-K to12th grade age range; (2) adults serving in the parental role for those youth; and (3) adults working with those youth populations in ways that directly transfer conflict prevention and resolution skills to address conflict. The contexts for projects may be a variety of contexts including community, schools, alternative education (online education, charter schools, after school programs), government (juvenile justice facilities, courts) and non-governmental organization settings. While some proposals may be able to secure and guarantee access to or cooperation from traditional K-12 school districts/schools, the Partnership is excited by opportunity to support possible funding of conflict resolution education (CRE) work from other contexts. Thus, projects in pre-K-12 schools will be considered but emphasis will be on projects outside that context.

Additionally applicants should consider three priority attributes:

  • Priority will be given to conflict prevention/resolution education programs that focus on reducing, through improved conflict prevention/resolution skills, the impact of risk factors such as separation, loss, abandonment, or gender/cultural/religious/racial identity crisis facilitated by the environmental condition of focus and that may lead to gang membership.
  • Priority will be given to projects in which youth play a significant or substantive role in the delivery of the process. Priority for projects that help to develop youth leadership skills by getting young people involved in helping themselves.
  • Priority given to projects that arise from the grassroots efforts, comprised of a strong base of diverse stakeholders, who are representative of the community of youth being served to supplement or provide additional capacity for the community’s efforts.

The Foundation will fund a small number of high quality projects with proven impact and the potential of regional and national impact upon completion.

Amount: Grants may range from $15,000-$40,000. The project period can be for one or two years. Year two funding cycle requests may be for no more than $20,000.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations; educational institutions; and public agencies working in conjunction with nonprofit educational institutions or organizations.

Link: https://www.jamsadr.com/acr/

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