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Laura and John Arnold Foundation: Randomized Controlled Trials to Test Interventions for Frequent Utilizers of Multiple Health, Criminal Justice, and Social Service Systems

Deadline: October 1, 2017

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) will support randomized controlled trials (RCTs) focused on testing programs to help people who repeatedly cycle through the criminal justice, health care, and social service systems in their communities. In particular, LJAF interested in proposals to test commonly deployed frequent-utilizer interventions, including crisis intervention teams, therapeutic communities, forensic assertive community treatment (or other adapted versions of assertive community treatment), critical time intervention, cognitive-behavioral therapy, short-term mental health crisis stabilization programs, law enforcement, general health or behavioral health co-responder programs, or programs incorporating a Housing First approach.

LJAF also seeks proposals to assess promising frequent-utilizer interventions that have been implemented in real-world settings with fidelity. The proposed trials should be designed to measure outcomes such as decreases in arrest or recidivism rates; reductions in emergency room visits and hospitalizations; better health; greater housing stability; and improved economic well-being.

Specifically, LJAF aims to fulfill three primary objectives:

  • Rigorously evaluate through RCTs the impact of established, manualized frequent-utilizer interventions that have been implemented in real-world settings with fidelity to documented models
  • Provide an evaluation mechanism for communities that are rapidly expanding their efforts to divert frequent utilizers
  • Build the evidence base, support rigorous research in this growing field, and better inform the work of jurisdictions committed to data-driven government by widely disseminating lessons and final results from this project

Amount: There is no set maximum allowable budget for each grant award, but applicants are encouraged to conduct studies at low or modest cost whenever feasible. Applicants should propose a budget that adequately addresses the needs of the research project. There is no firm limit on the total amount to be awarded or the number of awards.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt organizations such as nonprofit organizations, universities, or governmental units may apply.


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