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Deadline: April 18, 2024

MIT Solve’s Indigenous Communities Fellowship 2024

Description: MIT Solve’s Indigenous Communities Fellowship seeks new innovators connecting traditional Indigenous knowledge with technology in order to solve social, environmental or economic challenges. The focus of the fellowship is to support Indigenous people to take control of their own technologies to better serve their communities. Priorities include ideas that:

  • strengthen sustainable energy and support climate resilience
  • drive positive outcomes for Indigenous learners at any age
  • promote culturally informed mental and physical head and wellness services
  • advance community-driven digital sovereignty including AI, machine learning and data technologies
The Indigenous Communities Fellowship is seeking new ideas to better utilize technology to create solutions for community-driven digital sovereignty.

Amount: Each Fellowship receives $10,000

Eligibility: For-profit organizations (B-corp or similar), nonprofit organizations, hybrid model

Link: https://solve.mit.edu/challenges/2024-indigenous-communities 

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