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Deadline: April 15, 2016

Mortgage Finance Authority: Rental Assistance Program

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) is a federally formula-funded program that uses the Community Development Block Grant formulas as a basis for allocating funds to eligible jurisdictions, including states, territories, and qualified metropolitan cities and urban counties. The Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) is responsible for administering the ESG allocation for New Mexico. MFA established the Rental Assistance Program (RAP) to provide homeless prevention assistance to individuals and families to prevent homelessness and provide rapid re-housing assistance to individuals or families experiencing homelessness.

MFA is seeking qualified offerors capable of providing program services for RAP funding within the 2016-2020 program years. The following are eligible activities:

1. Housing relocation and stabilization services including:

  • Financial assistance costs: rental application fees, security deposits (equal to no more than 2 months’ rent), last month’s rent, moving costs, utility deposits, and utility payments.
  • Services costs with housing search and placement: housing search and placement; and housing stability and case management to assess, arrange, coordinate and monitor the delivery of individualized services to facilitate housing stability including: (a) Mediation between the program participant and the owner or person(s) with whom the program participant is living, to prevent the program participant from losing permanent housing in which they currently reside; (b) Legal services to resolve a legal problem that prohibits the program participant from obtaining or maintaining permanent housing; and (c) Credit repair services necessary to assist program participants with critical skills related to household budgeting, money management, accessing a free personal credit report, and resolving personal credit problems.

2. Short and medium term rental assistance:

  • Short term rental assistance (up to 3 months).
  • Medium term rental assistance (4 to 24 months).
  • Payment of rental arrears (one-time payment up to 6 months, including any late fees on those arrears).
  • Any combination of the three types of rental assistance (e.g., short-term, medium-term, rental arrears). The total may not exceed 24 months during any three year period, including any payment for last month’s rent.

3. Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) component: the recipient or subrecipient may use ESG funds to pay the costs of contributing data to the HMIS designated by the Continuum of Care for the area.

Amount: An estimated $789,916 is available.

Eligibility: Offeror must be one of the following entity types:

  • A nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status and with a primary mission of providing shelter and services to people who are experiencing homelessness, including people fleeing domestic violence
  • A unit of general purpose local government
  • A tribal government

Please refer to the Rental Assistance Program RFP for an additional listing of specific criteria that Offerors must meet.

Link: http://www.housingnm.org/community_development/2016-rap-rfp

Note: A mandatory RFP training will be held on March 24, 2016.

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