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Deadline: June 30, 2019

National Credit Union Foundation: Biz Kid$ Plan Competition Grants

Biz Kid$ is a credit union-funded public television series designed to entertain, engage, and elevate young people’s knowledge about money and finance. It provides an opportunity to leverage existing relationships, create new relationships, and to strengthen a credit union’s brand in their community. The mission of Biz Kid$ is to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate kids of all ages to learn about money, credit, taxes, business, and becoming young entrepreneurs. It helps them discover their passion, see the opportunities around them, and take action. An impactful way to accomplish this is through business plan competitions.

Hosting Biz Kid$ business plan competitions allows credit union organizations to take a leadership role in providing economic and entrepreneurship education to youth, helping them build a solid financial future. Through business plan competitions, students showcase their hard work while practicing financial education, entrepreneurial, public speaking, and teamwork skills. The creation of a business plan puts what they have learned in the classroom into action and provides hands on, outcomes based financial education to the students. Teachers can also be positively impacted by these competitions by providing them with curriculum for their classroom in addition to building their own financial education.

Amount: A total of up to $25,000 will be distributed.

Eligibility: Credit unions, credit union service organizations, state credit union associations, state credit union foundations, and any other organizations owned or controlled by credit unions.

Link: https://www.ncuf.coop/news/press/2019-bk-business-plan-competition-grants.cmsx

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