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Deadline: November 15, 2018

National Endowment for the Humanities: Dialogues on the Experience of War

The Dialogues on the Experience of War program supports the study and discussion of important humanities sources about war, in the belief that these sources can help U.S. military veterans and others think more deeply about the issues raised by war and military service. Although the program is primarily designed to reach military veterans, men and women in active service, military families, and interested members of the public may also participate.

Grants will support:

  • The convening of at least two discussion programs for no fewer than fifteen participants
  • The creation of a preparatory program to recruit and train program discussion leaders

Discussion programs may take place on college and university campuses, in veterans’ centers, at public libraries and museums, and at other community venues. The discussion program must:

  • Treat at least two historically distinct conflicts in depth: one from the earliest wars through World War I and a second from the wars after World War I
  • Focus on the close study of sources drawn from at least two distinct genres (such as historical writings, military biographies, speeches and letters, philosophical writings, documentaries, fiction, and artworks)
  • Engage participants in sustained dialogue about the selected humanities sources and the issues that they raise

The preparatory training program should include the following:

  • Close study of texts and/or other sources to be featured in the discussions
  • Modeling and practice in leading humanities discussions (e.g., posing questions designed to explore texts and elicit discussion of the texts’ contemporary relevance; articulating rules of civil discourse; encouraging group inquiry; moderating disagreements)
  • Developing the discussion leaders’ knowledge and awareness of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of military veterans and service members
  • Building a virtual or actual network of discussion leaders and resources for future versions of the program and/or new programs

The application must demonstrate a commitment to thorough and sustained discussion. The format of and methodology behind the preparatory program might include elements such as: lectures with break-out discussion groups; how-to demonstrations on the art of close reading; modeling how to conduct fruitful conversations; the creation of videos; and practice in moderating online forums and sample discussion sessions.

Amount: Grants of up to $100,000 will be awarded. The grant period is 12 to 24 months.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status; state and local governmental agencies; and federally recognized Indian tribal governments.

Link: https://www.neh.gov/grants/education/dialogues-the-experience-war

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