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Deadline: February 19, 2019

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Resilient Communities

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has partnered with Wells Fargo to create the Resilient Communities program. Through improvements to natural features and enhanced community capacity, the program will help communities prepare for future impacts associated with sea level rise, water quantity and quality, and forest conservation. By taking advantage of natural features like wetlands, resilient shorelines, urban tree canopies, natural forests, and healthy upstream watersheds, communities can accrue quality of life benefits today, enhance fish and wildlife resources, and help prepare for foreseeable resiliency challenges.

Resilient Communities grants will invest in two focus areas:

Category 1 – Regional Adaptation through Regional Conservation Projects: Grants will support highly-impactful and visible conservation projects that help prepare for fire in the western region of the U.S., floods and droughts in the central region, and sea-level rise in the eastern region. Priority consideration is given to under-resourced communities and projects that help bridge rural and urban community resilience needs with focus on the interconnectedness of natural systems and community well-being. Proposals must include one or more of the priorities and project types specified for the region and have a regional-scale impact. New Mexico is within the central region, which includes the following priorities and project types:

  • Priorities: Conserve critical land, create green infrastructure, and protect water resources to address water quantity issues such as floods and droughts
  • Project types: Cover crops and permaculture, nutrient management, green infrastructure and urban tree canopy, invasive species management, and stream buffer enhancements

Category 2 – Community Capacity Building and Demonstration Projects: Grants will support highly-impactful and visible projects that help communities understand, organize, and take action to address risks and opportunities through improved resilience brought about by enhanced natural features. Projects can take place anywhere in the U.S. Priority consideration is given to projects that address multiple cities nationwide and measurably benefit and advance social cohesion. These projects must center on one or both of the following activities:

  • Advance innovative and scalable resilience solutions benefiting multi-family affordable housing through green infrastructure such as tree canopies, pocket parks, community green spaces, and/or stormwater retention projects.
  • Support organizations that build capacity to help cities plan for enhanced resilience through green infrastructure or other improvements. Successful projects will include programs such as community fellows or ambassadors, or support for collaborative projects or workshops that occur in multiple communities within a region. Projects may consist of: 1) engaging community partnerships in enhanced preparedness and resilience in areas vulnerable to flooding, wildfires, and other disasters through natural feature and green infrastructure improvements; 2) improving community or neighborhood resilience through enhanced natural features and green infrastructure, particularly in vulnerable communities that tend to be disproportionally impacted by stressors; or 3) encouraging small business preparedness and resilience in order to restore jobs and economic activity.

Amount: A total of $3,000,000 is available to award 3-6 grants for up to 24 months. Grant ranges are as follows:

  • Category 1: $2,000,000 is available to award grants ranging from $200,000-$500,000
  • Category 2: $1,000,000 is available to award grants ranging from $100,000-$250,000

Projects that meet or exceed a 1:1 match ratio will be more competitive.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations; local governments; and Indian tribes.

Link: https://www.nfwf.org/resilientcommunities/Pages/2019rfp.aspx

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