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Deadline: August 8, 2016

National Institute of Corrections: Safeguarding Children of Incarcerated Parents

A growing body of research indicates that strong family connections during incarceration is associated with better reentry outcomes, including reduced recidivism. Research also indicates that positive communication between incarcerated parents and their children can be important for their child’s well-being. Maintaining family relationships during incarceration is challenging; including changes in family structure, long distances between the prison facility and family, and limited resources to maintain communication. However there are policies that correctional facilities can implement to help overcome these challenges, while still maintaining a safe and secure environment.

The goal of this cooperative agreement is for the awardee to develop training materials and implement evidence-informed, model policies that can be adopted by local jails and state prisons to reduce the traumatic impact of parental incarceration on children and improve reentry outcomes for parents. This project will be modeled on the highly successful “Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents” project that developed a model protocol for police, developed through a collaborative process, to reduce the traumatic impact of parental arrest on children.

The project objectives include the following:

  • Identify a committee of subject matter experts for children of incarcerated parents that can represent correctional and child welfare communities and can be utilized as experts throughout the project
  • Develop a national model of family strengthening policies that can be adopted and implemented by local jails and state prisons
  • Develop training materials that will inform correctional policy and practice in local jails and state prisons to include implementation strategies
  • Provide training and technical assistance
  • Design and execute an implementation evaluation protocol to track implementation of model policies and initial process outcomes
  • Design an evaluation protocol to track implementation of model policies and outcomes.

Amount: Up to $1,125,000 for one award.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations (including faith-based, community, and tribal organizations), for-profit organizations (including tribal for-profit organizations), and institutions of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education). The successful applicant should be knowledgeable about correctional environments, and have familiarity with policy, procedures and practices and understand the purpose and importance of family strengthening policies for children, incarcerated parents and the benefits to corrections. Additionally, the applicant must have experience in developing materials used to train correctional staff as well as implementation of training materials and program evaluation.

Link: http://community.nicic.gov/blogs/nic/archive/2016/06/23/cooperative-agreement-safeguarding-children-of-incarcerated-parents-developing-and-implementing-family-strengthening-policies-at-correctional-institutions-at-the-local-and-state-level.aspx

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