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Deadline: May 29, 2018

New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts: Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation Services

The Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation (SESV) program will offer safe and nurturing environments in which to monitor visits and exchanges between children, their parents, and other family members, as referred by the Courts. According to the statute, a judicial district may create a Safe Exchange & Supervised visitation program by local court rule approved by the Supreme Court. “The program shall be used when, in the opinion of the court, the best interests of the child are served if confrontation or contact between the parents is to be avoided during exchanges of custody or if contact between a parent and a child should be supervised.” The District Court may employ one or more contractors for Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation services by a person: (1) with whom a child may be left by one parent for a short period while waiting to be picked up by the other parent; or (2) to supervise visits among one or both parents and the child.

Minimum standards of practice are outlined here: https://safeexchange.nmcourts.gov/index.php/standards-of-practice.html. Contractors must adhere to these standards.

Amount: Contract awards will be made. Program funding is mainly allocated based on achievement of contractual performance targets in the previous year; thus, individual programs may receive more or less funding than in the prior year. For a new program, consideration will be given to an Offeror’s ability to provide services, the term of the contract, and the potential caseload in the area. For Fiscal Year 2018, $835,000 was set aside for local program operations by 14 providers in the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts. This RFP is being issued to hire one or more contractors to provide Safe Exchange & Supervised Visitation services in the 2nd Judicial District (Bernalillo County).

Eligibility: No restrictions are noted.

Link: https://www.nmcourts.gov/request-for-proposals.aspx

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