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New Mexico Department of Health: Family Infant Toddler Parent Support and Advocacy

Deadline: April 25, 2017

The Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program at the Department of Health is the lead agency for a statewide system of early intervention for infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) with and at risk for developmental delays and disabilities and their families. Early intervention services are provided in accordance with the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C. The FIT Program provides training and support to parents of eligible children.

The FIT Parent Support and Advocacy initiative seeks to support services provided to parents and family members of children birth to age three who are eligible for FIT Program services under IDEA in order to connect parents with other parents and provide them with information and skills needed to advocate for their child and family. Providers of this service will be knowledgeable and educated in parent support and advocacy.

The scope of work is detailed below:

Parent to parent support:

  • Develop a statewide parent support network of parent volunteers and how it will be maintained and/or expanded, if needed
  • Train parent volunteers interested in providing peer support and information to families in their communities
  • Provide ongoing support that “lead” parents will receive in the community including stipends, supervision, ongoing training etc.
  • Link parents to other parents in New Mexico and families of children with specific and rare diagnosis to national and international resources and to other similar type families
  • Publicize and promote the parent-to-parent network to families of eligible children within the FIT Program, including information regarding statewide dissemination of informational brochures, toll free telephone number, web site, etc.
  • Maintain a database of parent-to-parent volunteer and successful linkages to improve referral to and delivery of parent-to-parent support

Parent advocacy:

  • Provide advocacy curricula to FIT Program parents throughout New Mexico
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the advocacy provided to families
  • Provide ongoing support to the people who will be delivering the training to ensure consistency of message, materials and handouts, language interpretation, as necessary
  • Coordinate with other personnel providing training and technical assistance to early intervention provider agencies to ensure consistency of message and strategic alignment

Parent leadership:

  • Develop and execute training curricula to parents in the form of a Parent Leadership Academy (intensive training course)
  • Promote parent leadership, including how parents/family member will be recruited to participate
  • Recruit and support parents and or family members of children with special needs will be to serve as family advisors on committees
  • Provide ongoing training and support to families that will enhance their understanding of systems level issues and their advocacy skills to effectively serve on committees
  • Provide opportunities for early intervention parents to participate and attend family leadership conferences through stipends

Promote parent support and family centered practices:

  • Jointly assess current practices with local FIT provider agencies in a collaborative and strengths based approach
  • Support provider agencies to enhance: parent-to-parent connections; parent leadership opportunities; parent advocacy skills; parent training opportunities; and information/materials that parents receive

Parent co-trainers for FIT trainings:

  • Develop a pool of parent trainers, specifying how parents and/or other family members will be identified, recruited, screened, trained, and supported
  • Coordinate with FIT staff/consultants to deliver parent co-training
  • Ensure backup if parent co-trainers are unable to provide training
  • Describe the financial support to be given to parent co-trainers for per diem, mileage, and stipends

Families as faculty:

  • Train medical students regarding family centered practices and meeting the needs of families with children with developmental delays and disabilities
  • Describe how medical students will receive a brief internship for working with families of children with developmental delays and disabilities

Family Support at Neonatal Intensive Care Units:

  • Provide information, promote referrals, and support to parents in Level III and IV Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)

Amount: Contract award(s) will be made. The preferred result is that a single source award will be made for services to be performed in all regions, however, the solicitation may result in multiple source awards by region. The regions are northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast and metro.

Eligibility: An Offeror is defined as any person, corporation, or partnership who chooses to submit a proposal. Offerors are expected to have relevant corporate experience with the state government and private sector.

Link: http://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ITBs__RFPs_and_Bid_Tabulation.aspx

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