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Deadline: March 15, 2019

New Mexico Department of Health: Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program

The New Mexico Department of Health will secure multiple contracts for tobacco use prevention and control initiatives in New Mexico. Applicants will propose objectives and activities that are aligned with the goals and objectives of the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program (TUPAC), and the TUPAC Five-Year Action Plan: 2015-2020. TUPAC Goals for New Mexico are as follows:

  1. Prevent tobacco use initiation among young people
  2. Promote quitting among adults and youth
  3. Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  4. Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities

Funded contracts will provide statewide reach to support the development and implementation of environmental strategies that encourage and reinforce tobacco-free lifestyles, behaviors, and smoke-free home environments, including prevention strategies for youth, prevention and intervention strategies for young adults, voluntary smoke-free policy for multi-unit housing units, secondhand smoke protections for people in Native American communities, advisement and outreach with TUPAC-identified priority populations, and capacity development for tobacco control partners in New Mexico.

Applicants should respond to one of the six following categories for funding:

  • Category 1: Prevention strategies for youth
  • Category 2: Prevention and intervention strategies for young adults
  • Category 3: Strategies for smoke-free multi-unit housing environments
  • Category 4: Secondhand smoke protections in Native American communities
  • Category 5: Advisement and outreach with priority populations
  • Category 6: Capacity development for tobacco control partners

Applicants may respond to more than one funding category, but must submit a separate proposal for each category elected.

Amount: Contract awards will be issued (no details about specific amounts provided).

Eligibility: Private for profit, not for profit, and government agencies are eligible. Applicant qualifications and experience must include:

  • Minimum of four years of experience in delivering tobacco control interventions specifically related to the category for funding being sought
  •  Minimum of four years of experience and success in the areas of tobacco control policy development, health-focused community organizing, coalition development, and advocacy
  • Minimum of four years of experience and success in the areas of health promotion and tobacco education
  • Minimum of four years of experience in developing and preparing documents, presentations, and reports for various audiences and stakeholders, including community organizations, decision-makers, and legislators
  • Willingness to adjust to changing program priorities when impacted by available funding levels, direction from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and TUPAC decisions
  • Reliable and ongoing access to electronic mail (e-mail), the internet, and the Google Chrome internet browser
  • Having no financial, contractual, or other ties to the tobacco industry or affiliated organizations currently or in the three years preceding the application date

Note: Potential applicants are required to hand deliver or return by registered or certified mail the Intent to Submit Form within the application by February 12, 2019.

Link: https://nmhealth.org/publication/rfp/

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