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Deadline: April 9, 2019

New Mexico Department of Tourism: Cooperative Marketing Grant Program

In support of the New Mexico Tourism Department’s (NMTD’s) mission to make New Mexico the primary destination for venturesome travelers, the Cooperative Marketing Grant Program (Co-Op) offers an avenue for tourism related, nonprofit organizations, and local and tribal governments to attract visitors to their destinations and events through advertising. The Co-Op program allows organizations to leverage the successful New Mexico True brand, building on millions of cumulative brand impressions to draw visitors to the applicant’s destination. Awards are typically offered through two programs:

  • Media Menu Program (MMP): This program offers a select set of media options that leverage NMTD’s buying power and create synergy with New Mexico True advertising investments. In addition, the NMTD Co-Op team secures the buys, trafficks ads, and furnishes performance reports for MMP options on the recipient’s behalf. MMP awardees pay their portion depending upon type of media and when creative assets are due. NMTD then matches that amount with an equal amount to pay the media vendor.
  • Funding Flex (Flex): This programs provides funding for media placement with vendors not included in the MMP program (print, online/digital, outdoor, TV/broadcast, and radio); website development and enhancement; website search engine optimization; tradeshow exhibit fees and booth rentals (must incorporate New Mexico True). All types of media are eligible for Flex funding. Recipients handle vendor negotiations, insertion orders, vendor payments, creative trafficking to media vendors, proof of placement, and reporting. Recipients must pay 100% of the cost up-front then request reimbursement through an online form and are required to upload proof of NMTD creative approval, placement, and payment within 30 days of advertising being in-market.

Amount: Dependent on program:

  • MMP: No maximum award is set; past awards typically are within the range of $8,000-$25,000. The solicitation will provide a listing of “media menu” option packages that applicants can choose.
  • Flex: Awards expected to average at $5,000.

Eligibility: New Mexico counties, municipalities, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations representing tourism-related destinations, attractions, and events in New Mexico.

Link: https://www.newmexico.org/industry/work-together/grants/co-op-marketing/

Note: The deadline above is for a mandatory webinar that will be held on April 9 and the grant cycle will also open on this date; application deadline anticipated to be in April or early May. Monitor website for webinar registration information.

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