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Deadline: January 11, 2018

New Mexico Indian Affairs Department: Language Preservation and Veterans Outreach Programs

The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department will evaluate proposed projects to determine their efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing stated performance measures in projects focused primarily on language and cultural preservation involving youth and elders or veterans outreach services. Applicants deemed most responsive to the criteria below will be awarded funding:

  • Best demonstrate a thorough understanding of the tribal population to be served and their need to receive educational services promoting the preservation of language or their need to receive veteran’s services promoting outreach programs
  • Demonstrate an organized plan to implement the special project that utilizes best practices and meets the needs of the tribal community to be served
  • Demonstrate a reasonable budget with sufficient justification of costs for each line item
  • Demonstrate a favorable record of performance in providing or administering language-learning education initiatives and/or veterans outreach initiatives
  • Provide a shared interest in the proposed program through supplemental financial support and/or in-kind contributions

Amount: A total of $210,000 is available to award grants that range up to $30,000 each.

Eligibility: New Mexico tribes, nations, and pueblos, and tribal-serving organizations.

Link: http://www.iad.state.nm.us/index.html

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