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New Mexico Indian Affairs Department: Tribal Infrastructure Project Fund

Deadline: July 17, 2017

The Tribal Infrastructure Act (“Act”) recognizes that many of New Mexico’s tribal communities lack basic tribal infrastructure, including but not limited water and wastewater systems, roads, and electrical power lines. The lack of such infrastructure results in poor social, health, and economic conditions in communities. The Act created the Tribal Infrastructure Fund, the Tribal Infrastructure Project Fund, and the Tribal Infrastructure Board (“Board”). The purpose of the Board is to evaluate project proposals and to award grants and loans to qualified projects. The Board is administratively attached to the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (“IAD”). The New Mexico Indian Affairs Committee holds legislative oversight over the Tribal Infrastructure Fund (TIF) program and the grants and loans made by the Board.

The Board has set forth terms and conditions that apply to all tribes applying for project funding:

  • Tribes awarded TIF funding shall obligate at least 5% of the bond proceeds for the project within 6 months of the date of bond sale.
  • Tribes awarded TIF funding shall obligate at least 85% of the bond proceeds within 3 years of the date of bond sale.
  • All projects, except for projects delineated within an application as planning projects, must be completed within 36 months from the date of the execution of the Intergovernmental Grant Agreement (IGA).
  • All projects delineated in the application as “planning projects” must be completed within 24 months of the date of execution of the IGA.
  • Each tribe may apply for up to 15% of the total annual TIF allocation for a project. The Board reserves the right to alter this cap based on fund availability. The Board’s alteration of this cap must be made at a Board meeting no later than the second quarter of each calendar year.

Amount: A total of $5,200,000 is available. The range of individual awards is not specified.

Eligibility: Federally recognized Indian nations, tribes, or pueblos located wholly or partially in New Mexico.

Link: http://www.iad.state.nm.us/index.html

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