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Deadline: October 23, 2015

New Mexico Public Education Department: After School and Summer Enrichment RFA Round 2

The After School and Summer Enrichment program will support quality after school programs that are accessible to students within the state’s public schools, including charter schools. The goal of the program is to draw on New Mexico’s unique characteristics, including a largely rural population, multiple home languages, and a variety of cultural norms to promote and support critical thinking and collaborative techniques that allow students to successfully develop academic skills, pursue useful knowledge, and foster healthy habits, including the prevention of obesity.

Funding will be divided into three tiers that correlate directly to the components of quality after school programming: 1) academic enrichment, 2) physical activity, 3) nutrition education, and 4) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and/or English Language Arts (ELA) initiatives and activities. Student transportation costs may be requested if need is identified.

Amount: A total of $365,369.19 in funds is available and will support a minimum of 7 quality after school and/or summer programming applicants. Specific grant amounts depend on what the proposed program will address:

  • One of the above components: Tier 1 funding ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.
  • Two or three of the above components: Tier 2 funding ranging from $1,000 to $40,000.
  • All four of the components of quality after school programs: Tier 3 funding ranging from $1,000 to $51,000.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants include:

  • School districts on behalf of one or more schools; applications on behalf of more than one school are considered one application. If a district would like to be considered for funding for more than one site, then separate applications, by site, are required. Preference is not given to a single-school application or a multiple-school application. Preference is given to quality after school and/or summer programming that reaches the highest percentage of the student body served.
  • Local charter schools.
  • State charter schools.
  • Priority will be given to after school programs serving economically disadvantaged students. Priority in funding will first go to schools that either individually, or as part of a Community Eligibility Schools (CEP) grouping for the 2015-2016 school year, demonstrate 85% or greater free and reduced lunch populations as verified by the New Mexico Public Education Department’s Coordinated School Health and Wellness Bureau (CSHWB) through the Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System (STARS). Schools that are unable to demonstrate 85% or greater free and reduced lunch populations, either individually or through CEP grouping, will be considered for funding should funds remain after scoring and approving applications for programs serving economically disadvantaged students as defined above.
  • A, B, C, D, and F schools are eligible for funding.
  • Geographic representation in determining allocations will be given special consideration.
  • Schools receiving PED 21st Century Community Learning Center funding are not eligible.
  • Schools that received 2014-2015 after school and summer enrichment program awards are encouraged to apply as long as they did not receiving funding through RFA 15-924-00092 (funding awarded in fiscal year 16).
  • Schools currently receiving after school and summer enrichment awards through RFA 15-924-00092 are not eligible.
  • Schools receiving PED Title I funding that is specifically utilized for after school programming will not be given priority consideration.
  • School districts applying on behalf of one or more schools, local charter schools, and state charter schools may partner with a community-based organization in the provision of after school and/or summer programming. However, the fiscal agent must be the school district, local charter school, or state charter school.

Link: http://ped.state.nm.us/ped/rfps.html

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