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Deadline: June 8, 2015

New Mexico Public Education Department: College Advisor Initiative

The purpose of the College Advisor Initiative is to establish a cohort of high school advisors placed across the state whose role is dedicated to college and career readiness. Advisors will conduct career planning with students and teach students about career readiness, college admission, and financial aid. With a school advisor committed exclusively to college preparation and guidance, students will have greater access to information. Advisors will provide increased support through the application, admission, and acceptance processes for students to attend two and four year colleges and career-focused postsecondary credentialing programs.

Amount: $650,000 is available. Sponsored New Mexico school districts will commit to placing an advisor for three years. PED will provide $65,000 in support for year one and $32,500 for year two.

Eligibility: All New Mexico school districts, state district charter schools, and regional educational cooperatives interested in hosting a high school college advisor to provide these services are eligible. Districts may apply for more than one high school and are expected to prioritize their requests. Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • Supported schools must not currently have an advisor dedicated to college guidance.
  • The District is committed to evidence based practices, use of the Next Step Plan, and data driven decision making. The District will support the New Mexico Public Education Department’s efforts to document advisor impact by providing data reports as requested.
  • Districts of any size may apply, and applicants can request multiple advisors per district.
  • Applicants that propose for a single advisor to serve more than one school will need to provide a staffing plan explaining how the advisor will serve two or more schools.
  • Regional Educational Cooperatives representing more than one district also are eligible. The REC will complete the application as the lead applicant, and will document participating districts.

Link: http://ped.state.nm.us/ped/rfps.html

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