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Deadline: October 31, 2019

New Mexico Public Education Department: New Mexico Computer Science Grant Program

The New Mexico Computer Science Grant Program seeks to promote innovation in the critical area of teacher professional learning in computer science. Grants will:

  1. Support professional learning on the conceptual foundations of computer science for K–12 public school teachers
  2. Expand existing standards-based computer science programs in New Mexico public schools or state-chartered charter schools, including mentoring and coaching
  3. Develop a plan to establish a new, standards-based computer science program, including mentoring and coaching
  4. Provide support for teachers to enroll or who are enrolled in a credentialed computer science program or course

Computer science professional learning means professional development activities that:

  • Clarify the conceptual foundations of computer science
  • Are grounded in standards-based professional learning
  • Are culturally and linguistically responsive
  • Are intended for existing teachers with or without prior exposure to computer science

Establishing or expanding a computer science program includes but is not limited to:

  • Hiring consultants to work with schools to plan for initiating or expanding a computer science program
  • Purchasing equipment, including hardware or software, to outfit a classroom for the purpose of teaching computer science
  • Credentialing highly-qualified teachers to teach computer science courses
  • Planning for a program of study or developing course offerings

The goals for the New Mexico Computer Science Grant Program are:

  • Provide increased access to high-quality professional learning of computer science state-wide
  • Promote and/or expand existing computer science professional learning programs to reach more New Mexico K–12 students
  • Promote and/or expand computer science course access for New Mexico students

Amount: A total of $500,000 is available. Award ranges are not specified.

Eligibility: The applicant must be a New Mexico public school district or state-chartered charter school; New Mexico institution of higher education, including community colleges; or New Mexico regional educational cooperative.

Link: https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/information/rfps-rfis-rfas/

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