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Deadline: September 20, 2016

New Mexico Public Education Department: Teacher Support Initiative

The Teacher Support Initiative seeks to establish a contract through competitive negotiations for the procurement of teaching support in schools with a high proportion of American Indian students. This initiative will provide teachers and prospective teachers a broad range of professional developmental opportunities that are culturally-appropriate in teaching American Indian students. Stakeholders within each community must be involved in the planning and the delivery of the services.

The offeror will implement a culturally responsive teacher support program to ensure that effective, culturally competent, qualified teachers are placed in New Mexico public schools that maintain a high Native American student enrollment, including public schools located on or near New Mexico tribal lands as identified by the New Mexico Public Education Department (see RFP for more details). The offeror will perform the following tasks:

  • Collaborate and consult with local school districts, agencies, and tribal stakeholders in the development of a teacher support model and curricula
  • Market to and recruit Native American candidates to increase the teacher work force
  • Recruit teacher candidates from various academic backgrounds and disciplines, from New Mexico and around the nation, to fill immediate vacancies
  • Implement a teacher support system for prospective, new, and continuing teachers
  • Administer all programmatic and fiscal operations in an efficient and transparent manner

Amount: A total of up to $400,000 is available. One award in the form of a contractual agreement will be made.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations that propose to serve New Mexico public schools and/or charters with substantial American Indian enrollment.

Link: http://www.generalservices.state.nm.us/statepurchasing/ITBs__RFPs_and_Bid_Tabulation.aspx

Note: A pre-proposal conference will be held on August 30, 2016. Attendance is highly recommended, but not a prerequisite for submission of a proposal.

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