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Deadline: March 28, 2014

NM Human Services Department: Evidence-Based Prevention Services

The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) is seeking providers that will use broad-based community coalitions and the Strategic Prevention Framework model to plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based strategies that can contribute to statewide improvement in the OSAP’s prevention priorities.  Successful applicants must address at least two of the following four priorities:

  1. Underage drinking (under age 21)
  2. Binge drinking (youth and adults)
  3. Drinking and driving (youth and adults), and
  4. Prescription drug misuse (emphasizing pain killers for youth and adults)

Coalitions funded through OSAP are expected to use a public health approach to substance abuse prevention that seeks community-level change through strategies that are research based and that have been proven effective in New Mexico. In most cases, these strategies are environmental strategies aimed at a whole community, or a specific geographic area within the community with demonstrated elevated substance abuse indicators. In some cases, other strategies such as evidence-based curricula for youth and families at elevated risk may be appropriate if their impact will help effect community-level change.

All providers will participate in and use the Strategic Prevention Framework planning model to include: needs assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation with cultural competency and sustainability infused into each step. OSAP anticipates funding three different types of programming through this procurement, each of which must contribute to the goals improving measures of OSAP’s prevention priorities. The three types of programming are:

  • Coalition-based prevention focused on evidence based environmental prevention strategies affecting populations that encompass at least one county
  • Coalition-based prevention focused on evidence based direct services and/or environmental strategies affecting one or more tribal communities
  • Coalition-based prevention focused on evidence-based direct services and/or environmental strategies affecting a demonstrated “hot spot” or subpopulation of a county or community that is at greater risk of substance abuse than the county or community at large.

Only those strategies that have prior evidence of effectiveness will be supported.

Eligibility: Organizations eligible to receive funds under the RFP must be legally recognized domestic public or private nonprofit entities. For example, state and local governments; federally recognized tribes; state recognized tribes; urban Indian organizations (as defined in P.L. 94437, as amended); public or private universities and colleges; professional associations, voluntary organizations, self-help groups, consumer and provider services-oriented constituency groups; community- and faith-based organizations; and tribal organizations. Applicant organizations may choose to designate another organization which meets the requirements above as their fiscal agent.


  • Successful applicants that are current OSAP providers will receive approximately $100,000 in funding for FY 15, and will be eligible to receive awards of approximately $100,000 for each subsequent year funded through this RFP.
  • Successful applicants serving communities currently receiving Partnerships for Success grants will be eligible to receive up to $17,000 in funding through this RFP for FY 15 for purposes of implementing the Synar Tobacco Program-related activities (see description in RFP) and for hiring and training local evaluators for prevention efforts in their communities. For each subsequent year of funding procured through this RFP, these applicants will be eligible to receive awards of approximately $100,000.
  • Organizations that are not current OSAP providers that are tribal governments or organizations that primarily serve Native Americans will be eligible to receive awards up to $100,000 for each fiscal year procured through this RFP. If OSAP determines, however, that new providers will require extensive technical assistance to begin providing substance abuse prevention services, it may reduce awards at its discretion to pay for that assistance.

All successful providers are required to implement Synar program activities, and should include plans to use $7,000 for this purpose in proposed budgets in the various budget categories. However, providers are NOT required to describe or address these activities in their proposal narratives. The State uses a pre-defined scope of work for Synar activities, which will be included in contracts for awarded proposals

The initial term of the contract is for six months, with the option to renew for three and a half more years.

Link: https://www.optumhealthnewmexico.com/provider/requestForProposal.html

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