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Deadline: December 6, 2015

NobleHour: NobleCause Grants to Foster Volunteerism

NobleCause is made possible by the Carol and Barney Barnett Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation and organized by NobleHour.com, a volunteer management tool that promotes a culture of civic engagement and charts meaningful, measurable acts of goodness. The NobleCause grant competition celebrates NobleHour.com’s 10 years of connecting communities, schools, nonprofit agencies and organizations through easy-to-access software.

NobleCause supports the building of volunteerism and service-learning, which leads to improved civic identity and social responsibility while also raising awareness of local issues and impacting local need. NobleCause also hopes to learn with grantees about best practices associated with volunteerism and impact, and to share what is learned more broadly. Applicants are asked to identify a local issue to address, and to recruit and enrich the social responsibility of volunteers.

Amount: 104 organizations will receive grants of $6,500 each. Six organizations will receive grants of $50,000 each.

Eligibility: Applicants may apply in one of three categories: Grades 9-12 and school districts; post-secondary institutions; and nonprofits with 501(c)3 public charity status. The NobleCause competition anticipates awarding at least one grant in every state.

Link: http://www.treetopcommons.com/noblecause

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