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Deadline: January 1, 2018

PlanetRomeo Foundation

PlanetRomeo Foundation provides funding to grassroots emerging LGBTI projects and initiatives. Foundation support focuses on achieving societal change in order to improve the position of LGBTI people throughout the world, with an emphasis on the most disadvantaged regions and communities. The Foundation also focuses on mobilizing and activating the LGBTI community in those challenging contexts.

The Foundation gives high priority to small-scale projects which are initiated and implemented by the LGBTI community itself and/or by emerging LGBTI groups and initiatives. The projects must aim to involve, empower, and mobilize the community. Projects may target sub-communities, e.g. lesbian and/or gay and/or bisexual and/or trans and/or intersex communities.

The Foundation strives for a balance between accessibility, quality, and maintaining a good standard in project accountability. Criteria that will be taken into account in the assessment process are:

  • Quality of the project proposal
  • Relevance
  • How realistic the approach is
  • Foreseen impact
  • The degree to which the proposal is complementary to existing services and/or activities

PlanetRomeo Foundation supports projects and initiatives under the following themes:

  • Community Organizing: PlanetRomeo Foundation supports (initial) essential steps in community formation and organizing. The Foundation believes these steps are crucial to the process of empowerment and a prerequisite to further community development and activism, and building critical mass to evoke change. Community organizing focuses on joint efforts, not personal development. The Foundation aims to fund initiatives at an ignition point, where LGBTI people come together to organize themselves in the interest of their communities and to develop common goals. Community organizing can take place offline and online.
  • Shelter: PlanetRomeo Foundation supports initiatives that provide (temporary) basic shelter facilities for LGBTI people, especially in those countries and regions where their safety and wellbeing is most at risk. Shelter projects can provide refuge and support around the clock, during the day or specific time slots. Activities in the shelter that further support LGBTI people can be eligible for funding too.
  • Sports & Culture: PlanetRomeo Foundation believes sports and cultural activities can make a positive impact on other aspects and areas of people’s lives. The Foundation provides funding to projects that play a distinct role in mobilizing, connecting, and strengthening local, disadvantaged LGBTI communities, or making these communities more visible.

Amount: The minimum amount that can be requested is approximately $590 USD. The maximum amount that can be requested is approximately $5,900 USD.

Eligibility: All geographical regions are eligible, however, the Foundation gives priority to countries outside the Global North. Within a country, all geographical areas are eligible, however, the Foundation gives priority to rural and/or more remote areas.

Link: https://www.planetromeofoundation.org/apply/

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