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Deadline: October 15, 2019

RedRover: Domestic Violence Safe Housing Grants

RedRover offers pet-housing options to help families by removing a barrier to safety and allowing pets and people to escape abuse together. Multiple choices in how to implement pet-housing ensure that there is a solution for every domestic violence shelter.

  • Safe Housing On-site: RedRover partners with the Sheltering Animals and Families Together (SAF-T) initiative to create more pet-friendly emergency shelter options for survivors of domestic violence. Safe Housing On-site grants enable domestic violence shelters to create space for pets to live on-site with their owners in places where that option was previously unavailable.
  • Safe Housing Off-site: RedRover Relief Safe Housing grants for off-site building enable domestic violence shelters to partner with another local organization, such as an animal shelter or rescue sanctuary, to build housing at their facility specifically for animals whose owners are staying at the domestic violence shelter.
  • Safe Housing Startup: For some shelters, building dedicated on-site or off-site housing may not be an option. RedRover’s Safe Housing Startup grant will allow domestic violence shelters to create their own program to help victims of domestic violence and their pets escape together. For example, having ongoing boarding arrangements with a veterinarian or pet boarding facility.

Amount: Up to $20,000.

Eligibility: Applicants must be: recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) organizations; agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence; and, for Safe Housing Off-site and Safe Housing Startup grants, partner with a licensed animal care facility.

Link: https://redrover.org/dv-safe-housing-grants/

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