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Deadline: January 16, 2019

Righteous Persons Foundation

The Righteous Persons Foundation is dedicated to supporting efforts that build a vibrant, just, and inclusive Jewish community in the United States. The Foundation is currently targeting national-level projects that:

  • Foster Jewish arts, culture, and identity: To revitalize and illuminate Jewish identity today, the Foundation will invest in projects that make the old new – digging into Judaism’s rich and varied history to expand and enrich the content being transmitted.
  • Inspire a commitment to social justice: To advance justice in America, the Foundation seeks to help enable Jews to draw upon its deep commitment to activism and mobilize a “Jewish presence” on key social and economic issues.
  • Promote understanding between Jews and those of other faiths and backgrounds: To ensure a more tolerant society, the Foundation supports those working as change-agents to promote tolerance through a broad range of methods.
  • Invest in the next generation: To engage the next generation on issues of Jewish identity, community, and meaning, the Foundation is interested in new pathways that bet on emerging, authentic, grassroots models; leverage new technologies; and invest in future leaders.

Amount: Grants have ranged from $7,500-$250,000.

Eligibility: Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. The Foundation is currently directing the majority of its resources towards organizations and projects that are national in scope.

Link: https://www.righteouspersons.org/eligibility/

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