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Deadline: June 1, 2016

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Healthy Eating Research – Round 10 Grants

Healthy Eating Research: Building Evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program. The program supports research on environmental and policy strategies with strong potential to promote healthy eating among children to prevent childhood obesity, especially among groups at highest risk for obesity: Black, Latino, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, and children who live in lower-income communities (urban, suburban, and/or rural). Findings are expected to advance RWJF’s efforts to help all children achieve a healthy weight, promote health equity, and build a Culture of Health.

The majority of grants awarded through Healthy Eating Research grants (approximately 90%) will be allocated to studies focused on some aspect related to one or more of the following four RWJF childhood obesity objectives related to food and nutrition:

  • Ensure that all children enter kindergarten at a healthy weight
  • Make a healthy school environment the norm and not the exception across the United States
  • Make healthy foods and beverages the affordable, available, and desired choice in all neighborhoods and communities
  • Eliminate the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among 0- to 5-year olds

The remaining grant funds will support other topics of established or emerging importance.

Research studies must focus on environmental or policy strategies with strong potential to promote healthy eating and reduce excess calorie intake to support children in achieving a healthy weight.

Target population includes infants, children, and adolescents (ages 0 to 18) and their families, including pregnant women and soon-to-be parents, who are members of lower-income and racial and ethnic populations at highest risk for obesity.

Amount: Approximately $2,400,000 is available for grants ranging up to $190,000 and for a maximum funding period of 18 months. Approximately one-third of the funds available under Round 10 will be earmarked for studies focused on any of the following underserved geographic locations or populations:

  • Rural areas of the United States, including the Appalachian region as defined by the Appalachian Regional Commission
  • Asian/Pacific Islanders
  • American Indians

Eligibility: Preference will be given to applicants that are either public entities or nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are not private foundations or Type III supporting organizations. Organizations must be based in the United States or its territories.

Link: http://healthyeatingresearch.org/funding/current-call-for-proposals/

Note: A second deadline will be held in August 2016.

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