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Deadline: September 15, 2016

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Pioneering Ideas – The Future of Work

The way that we work is rapidly changing…again. There has always been an iterative relationship between technology, society, employment and health — as seen with the rise and fall of jobs related to the industrial revolution and with the introduction of digital technologies, like the internet and e-mail. Issues like job security, economic stability, work-life balance, and the role of the employer mean very different things now than they did 50 years ago. What will the changes seen now mean for work in the next 50 years, and what effects will they have on health?

Through this exploration, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of ways that shifts in the economy and workforce might affect health and health care, and the types of benefit alternatives, support systems, and services that workers may need to live the healthiest life possible. Projects might explore questions including, but not limited to:

  • The role of the single employer as central to the lives and benefits of workers is fading. What is the alternative?
  • How might changes in the roles of employers and a corresponding rise in freelance, self-employment, part time, or “gig” employment affect health coverage and costs in a post-Affordable Care Act era?
  • How might changes to traditional benefit providers and structures impact family caregivers, new parents, or retirees?
  • How will the rise of automation impact vulnerable workers—specifically those working in manual labor, the service sector, and non-technical jobs?
  • What do changes to our work mean for (in)equality and what are the implications for health equity?
  • How might an extended and irregular workday impact an individual’s ability to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and consistently commit time to their overall health and the health and wellness of their families?
  • How will future economies impact an individual’s, family’s, or community’s ability to align work with adult or child care?

Amount: There is no set dollar amount or duration for projects funded through this call for ideas.

Eligibility: The RWJF typically funds nonprofit organizations and public agencies. No specific eligibility guidelines are detailed for this call for ideas.

Link: http://rwjf.ws/29IUpaR

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