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Deadline: March 15, 2019

Sacred Fire Foundation: Protecting the Sacred

The mission of Sacred Fire Foundation is to ensure the continuance of ancestral wisdom and expand awareness about why the indigenous worldview is crucial for present and future generations. It envisions a global society that prioritizes balance, community, and connection, and helps to sustain all life on earth.

The Protecting the Sacred grant program works to further the mission of the Sacred Fire Foundation through providing modest grants and organizational support for Indigenous wisdom keepers and their communities worldwide to help them maintain their traditional ways and to realize their own visions for a sustainable future based in indigenous values. The Foundation funds projects that reflect, support, or restore spiritual and cultural practices based in ancestral wisdom.

Projects may fall into one or several of the following focus areas:

  1. Awareness Building: The Foundation supports projects that document indigenous wisdom and worldviews that can then be shared with the rest of humankind. Indigenous ancestral wisdom might seem far removed from people’s everyday lives, yet it is a treasure trove for all of humanity that allows people to learn from the experience accumulated through millennia by Indigenous Peoples in how to relate to each other and the natural world in a more balanced and respectful way.
  2. Earth Stewardship: Indigenous Peoples are at the front-line of environmental devastation as their sacred lands become targets for exploitation and economic gain. The Foundation supports projects that protect the Earth and promote the values of reciprocity and respect that are at the heart of sustainable living.
  3. Education: The Foundation supports projects that teach and inspire children and youth to learn from and participate in the traditional practices of their peoples: sing their songs, follow their ceremonial cycles, and learn about traditional knowledge and healing ways.
  4. Food and Healing: The Foundation supports projects in Indigenous communities aimed at keeping traditional food and healing sources and practices alive, both for the sustenance of the people and to create awareness of how the earth continually supports people individually and collectively.
  5. Language, Art, and Culture: The Foundation supports projects that revitalize indigenous languages and arts to promote the richness of diversity so cultures can flourish.
  6. Ritual and Ceremony: The Foundation supports rituals and ceremonies of Indigenous Peoples globally that strengthen the fabric of connection between humans, the ancestors, the sacred, and the natural world.
  7. Youth: The Foundation supports projects that help Indigenous youth understand and value their ancestral culture with dignity and strength, and to incorporate modernity in their lives in a balanced and effective way. Youth are the key link to receive the wisdom from their elders so their cultures can survive.

Amount: Grants are awarded in amounts up to $5,000.

Eligibility: Awards will be made to individuals, groups, and organizations whose initiatives are complementary to and further the purposes of Sacred Fire Foundation. All individuals or organizations should ideally have nonprofit status or have a fiscal sponsor with a nonprofit status. Organizations that are not a 501(c)(3) exempt organization may be considered but will receive an Internal Revenue Service form 1099 from Sacred Fire Foundation.

Link: https://www.sacredfire.foundation/

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