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Deadline: December 4, 2017

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples: General Support Grants

The mission of the Seventh Generation Fund is to promote Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations. The Foundation recognizes the critical need at the Native grassroots community level for access to resources, technical assistance, and training to address an overall need for healthy and sustainable environments. Its work is based on traditional Native concepts of holistic ecological stewardship. The Fund understands the direct relationships between a healthy environment, social justice, and community well-being and remains focused on supporting grassroots development through Native community empowerment and action. It supports Native communities whose goals and objectives closely match one of the Fund’s program focus areas:

  • Art and creativity: Enhancing tribal identity and cultural vitality through individual and collective creative expression and practices
  • Health and well-being: Achieving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through traditional healing practices, cultural engagement, and food security
  • Leadership development: Strengthening Native leadership strategies by building the skills and knowledge systems that fortify organizational and community-centered work
  • Peace, equity, and justice: Securing harmony and parity for and within Native communities and nations and the right of self-determination
  • Rights of mother earth: Protecting Earth’s natural systems and ability to nurture and sustain life by supporting Native stewardship practices and traditional ecological knowledge
  • Sustainable communities and economies: Developing culturally-relevant and ecologically-sustainable Native community assets

The Seventh Generation Fund’s general support grants support organizations that:

  • Assist with establishing an emerging, grassroots Native organization or community
  • Cover general operating costs of an existing Native organization
  • Help a Native community-based organization accomplish its work
  • Facilitate project-specific training, pay for experts/consultants, or provide for other organizational capacity building needs
  • Support group participation in regional workshops, national forums, and special conferences to help build new skills to benefit the community

Amount: General support grants range from $600-$10,000 per year.

Eligibility: An eligible organization is defined as one that:

  • Is an Indigenous-initiated and led community-based organizations that has 501(c)(3) determination or one that has a fiscal manager/sponsor
  • Is a Native American/Indigenous Peoples’ initiative or project that accomplishes its work within the community it serves (reservation, reserve, rancheria, rural, urban, etc)
  • Is Indigenous/Native led – at a minimum 80% of its board of directors/leadership (policy and decision-makers) are Indigenous peoples
  • Has a majority Indigenous/Native American individuals on staff who are engaged at all levels of the organization/project, not solely as administrative or support staff
  • Has an annual operating budget of less than $200,000

Link: http://www.7genfund.org/eligibility-requirements-selection-criteria

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