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Deadline: March 3, 2017

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity in Family Treatment Drug Courts

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) is accepting applications for fiscal year (FY) 2017 Grants to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity in Family Treatment Drug Courts [Family Treatment Drug Courts (FTDCs)]. The purpose of this program is to expand and/or enhance substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services in existing family treatment drug courts, which use the family treatment drug court model in order to provide alcohol and drug treatment (including recovery support services, screening, assessment, case management, and program coordination) to parents with a SUD and/or co-occurring SUD and mental disorders who have had a dependency petition filed against them or are at risk of such filing. Services must address the needs of the family as a whole and include direct service provision to children (18 and under) of individuals served by this project. Grantees will be expected to provide a coordinated, multi-system approach designed to combine the sanctioning power of treatment drug courts with effective treatment services promoting successful family preservation and reunification. Priority funding should address gaps in the treatment continuum for court involved individuals who need treatment for a SUD and/or co-occurring SUD and mental disorders while simultaneously addressing the needs of their children.

In alignment with the goals of SAMHSA’s Trauma and Justice Strategic Initiative this program will help reduce the pervasive, harmful, and costly health impact of violence and trauma in families by integrating trauma-informed approaches throughout health, behavioral health, and related systems and addressing the behavioral health needs of parents and children. By providing needed treatment and recovery services, this program is intended to reduce the health and social costs of substance use and dependence to the public.

The expectations of the grant are to provide funding for FTDCs to assist participants in reducing the rates of substance misuse, the severity of SUDs and co-occurring disorders, and decreasing out of home placements for children through family reunification and preservation. This, in turn, should also decrease the number of parents or guardians whose parental rights have been or will be terminated. It is expected that parents within the FTDC programs will have improved individual and family functioning as a result of receiving services. Parents will also have increased rates of employment, increased access to treatment and recovery support services for SUD and/or co-occurring SUD and mental disorders, and increased rates of treatment completion. Children will show an increase in socio-emotional, behavioral, developmental and/or cognitive functioning and will have access to comprehensive services to meet their varied needs. The award will allow current FTDCs to enhance and sustain programing by implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) and wraparound approaches to services in order to serve participants and their families.

Amount: $6,375,000 is available for grants of up to $425,000 each annually for five years.

Eligibility: State and local governments, such as the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Single State Agency for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the designated State Drug Court Coordinator, or local governmental unit such as county or city agency with direct involvement with the drug court; Tribal Court Administrator; federally recognized American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) tribes and tribal organizations; and individual family treatment drug courts that adhere to the drug court 10 key components.

Link: https://www.samhsa.gov/grants/grant-announcements/ti-17-004

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