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Deadline: January 26, 2022

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Hispanic Serving Institutions Program

Note: Deadlines vary by project type. The deadline listed above is for regular grants. Additional deadlines are:
* Collaboration grants: January 27, 2022
* Conference grants: January 28, 2022

The Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Education Grants Program promotes and strengthens the ability of HSIs to carry out higher education programs that attract, retain, and graduate outstanding students capable of enhancing the nation’s food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences professional and scientific workforce. HSI Education grants encourage innovative teaching or education proposals with potential to impact and become models for other institutions that serve underrepresented students, at the regional or national level. Projects supported by this program:

* Attract and support undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups in order to prepare them for careers related to the food, agriculture, natural resources and human (FANH) sciences in the United States
* Enhance the quality of postsecondary instruction within the above disciplines
* Provide opportunities and access to FANH careers in the public and private sector
* Align the efforts of HSIs and other nonprofit organizations to support academic development and career attainment of underrepresented groups

Applicants should consider projects that meet various educational need areas:

* Curricula design, materials development, and library resources (including development of courses of study and degree programs)
* Faculty preparation and enhancement for teaching
* Instruction delivery systems
* Scientific instrumentation for teaching
* Student experiential learning
* Student recruitment and retention

The HSI program will support applications from any number of disciplines in the FANH sciences. More specific information on what is considered food, agriculture, and natural resources sciences, and allowable program activities can be found on the webpage link listed under “Materials Available on the Internet” under the Executive Summary of the solicitation. Other disciplines will be considered provided there is strong justification on their relationship with the agricultural enterprise.

The program also supports projects that integrate social and biological sciences to provide experiential learning opportunities for students in applied research and related community development programs. Incorporation of social and behavioral sciences is important for addressing many of the challenges facing agriculture and rural communities, such as increasing global demand for food production in the face of limited natural resources; improving health and reducing obesity; and fostering economic opportunities.

HSI Education Grants Program teaching applications must demonstrably incorporate a leadership development component to equip students with technical and leadership abilities upon graduation. Specific leadership activities may include:

* Developing practical applications to increase understanding of leadership roles, including critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills; ethics and professionalism; and working in teams
* Connecting the academic classroom experience with daily leadership roles and organizational activities
* Providing opportunities for mentoring and shadowing
* Organizing leadership academies, workshops, trainings, etc.

Amount: A total of $12,000,000 is available. Recipients must provide matching funds, in-kind contributions, or a combination of both in an amount that is at least equal to the amount awarded. There are three grant types:

* Regular: Grants supports targeted original scientific Education/Teaching Projects. These grants will be up to $250,000 for a period of up to four years. Additionally, Bridge grants, a subset of regular grants, may be available to enhance institutional capacity with the goal of strengthening the capacity of the applicant’s education programs and the competitiveness of future grant applications. To be considered for a Bridge grant, applicants must have not previously received HSI funds. Bridge awards range up to $200,000 for a period of four years.

* Collaboration: Grants support at least one additional partner or a multi-partner approach to enhance education/teaching programs. Collaborative Grants should build linkages to generate a mass of expertise, skill, and technology to address education/teaching programs related to the FANH sciences. Grants help institutions develop competitive projects and attract new students into careers in high-priority areas of national need. Institutions work together to graduate a minimum of fifteen undergraduate and ten graduate students from underrepresented groups in an Associate, Baccalaureate, MS or PhD degree program. Collaboration Grants will be funded up to $1,000,000 total, for a grant period of four years.

* Conference Grants: Conference Grants support scientific meetings that bring together educators to identify research, education/teaching, and/or extension needs, update information, or advance an area of education/teaching. Individual conference grants must not exceed $50,000 for up to two years.

Eligibility: Applications may only be submitted by HSIs.

Link: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=336500


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