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Deadline: April 30, 2018

U.S. Department of Agriculture: National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost-Share Grant Program

The National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost-Share Grant Program will support national urban and community forestry projects on non-federal public land that have a national or multi-state impact and application. The focus of the program in 2019 will be to prepare for pests, threats, natural disasters, and associated changes and risks. Proposals may include, but are not limited to, networks of diverse communities and scientists that will integrate threats such as flooding, extreme heat, and, drought. Social or policy studies can help to reveal the institutional best practices that can be put in place for threat prevention, response, and citizen engagement for forest and community sustainability.

Subject matter should focus on one or more of the following emergent objectives:

  • Given likely increase of in invasive species and extreme weather events, effort is needed to better understand and work within change trending to anticipate and integrate urban and community forestry goals with likely futures, and study of vulnerable situations (such as found in the decimation of ash and western pine forests) can provide insight for broader patterns and responses.
  • Continue and expand studies of natural disasters and urban and community forest ecosystems implications to develop stakeholder awareness, better prioritized community response, policy, and programs. That leads to a community’s resiliency to such negative events.
  • Clearly define and describe, then quantify urban forest threats and impacts from national to local scales, to include invasive plant species, insect pest invasions, land use development, city/town wildfire, and weather/natural disaster scenarios.
  • Create models and decision tools to support community and ur ban threat forecasting and management response, including trade-offs analysis for policy and budget scenarios.
  • Use current and new evidence to construct best practices for tree/forest/ecosystem threat planning and management. Correlate these best practices and threat impacts to a community’s socio and economic impacts.
  • Communicate and educate citizens of these threats and their impact of the economic, environmental, and community well-being.

Note: Prior to developing a proposal, applicants are required to contact their Forest Service Regional/Area Urban Forestry Program Manager (see: https://www.fs.fed.us/ucf/supporting_docs/contacts/SPF-UCF-Contacts_20170403.pdf) to assist with any program authorities, questions, and/or resources.

Amount: A total of $900,000 is available to fund up to 10 projects that range from $75,000-$200,000. All grant funds must be matched at least equally (dollar for dollar) with non-federal source funds

Eligibility: Any U.S. non-federal organization and Tribal agencies, operating within the United States or its territories.

Note: Organizations with local/state tree-planting projects, capital improvements to property of any ownership, and/or projects that have only a local impact and applicability are not eligible.

Link: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=300327

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