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Deadline: April 4, 2017

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Minority Youth Violence Prevention II – Integrating Social Determinants of Health and Community Policing Approaches

The current Minority Youth Violence Prevention (MYVP) program (2014-2017) is a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health and the Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services that supports a national initiative to integrate public health and violence prevention approaches. MYVP is intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating public health and community policing approaches to reduce disparities in access to public health services, reduce violent crimes, and improve the health and well-being of at-risk minority male youth in targeted communities of color through a joint collaborative that includes a public health agency and law enforcement agency.

Minority Youth Violence Prevention II (MYVP II) is intended to identify innovative approaches to significantly reduce the prevalence and impact of youth violence among racial and ethnic minority and/or disadvantaged at-risk youth. MYVP II will build upon lessons learned from MYVP grants originally funded in FY 2014. MYVP II will support project interventions tailored to at-risk racial and ethnic minority and/or disadvantaged youth (ages 12-18 years at the start of the project), and requires that a cohort of no fewer than 50 at risk youth participate throughout the project. It requires a coordinated, multi-discipline approach, including at a minimum a public health agency, a local school and/or school district, and a law enforcement agency, as well as an institution of higher education. These approaches should address: public health, education, and public safety concerns; disparities in access to public health services; social determinants of health; and risk and protective factors; and should serve and track the cohort of project participants and comparison group members over a four year grant period.

The MYVP II project should include a comprehensive program of support education for the cohort of adolescents which includes services to mitigate trauma and promote academic enrichment, personal development and wellness, cultural enrichment, and career development. After school tutoring activities must be provided for a minimum of four hours per week throughout the school year. MYVP II projects should coordinate MYVP II activities that establish close relationships between school counselors, teachers, and parents/caregivers. These activities should be aimed at supporting students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.

The following are examples of activities that may be included in MYVP II program interventions:

  • Hospital-based interventions targeting victims of violence and their families
  • Cultural immersion interventions designed to promote positive self-images and accomplishments
  • Mentoring programs that decrease absenteeism and suspension/expulsion from school
  • Family-focused interventions aimed at strengthening family engagement and connections
  • Training for first responders, educators, and other service providers on trauma-informed approaches
  • Training for first responders, educators, and other service providers on the National CLAS Standards
  • Technical assistance and training for law enforcement, teachers, and other professionals serving minority and/or disadvantaged youth on how to recognize and address implicit bias
  • Community policing approaches that provide community services through collaborative partnerships
  • Activities establishing close relationships between school counselors, teachers and parents/caregivers aimed at supporting students’ academic, social and emotional needs
  • Peer leadership skills training, focusing on dealing with bullying and conflict among family and friends, and recognizing and accepting alternatives to aggression and violence
  • Screening and treatment for depression, substance use and other behavioral health issues

Amount: $3,600,000 is available for 11 grants for $325,000 to $425,000 per year, for a four year period.

Eligibility: MYVP II requires a coordinated multi-partner, multi-disciplinary approach. The application must be submitted by the lead partner, and each project must demonstrate a collaborative partnership of MYVP II network of agencies and organizations (MYVP II Collaborative) that includes at a minimum, the following entities:

  • A state, tribal, territorial, or local public health agency (e.g., a public health department /or community-based organization focused on public health)
  • A local school (a primary school, a secondary school, or an alternative/non-traditional school) or school district
  • A state, tribal, territorial, county or local law enforcement agency (including district attorney and public defender offices) or government agency that has demonstrated collaboration/partnership with law enforcement (e.g., a mayor’s office, county government, or board of supervisors)
  • An institution of higher education or learning

OMH recommends that the MYVP II Collaborative also include organizations that provide social and supportive services to the program participants and their families. The MYVP II Collaborative may include additional partners as appropriate for the proposed project, such as organizations that specifically provide minority youth violence prevention services (e.g. community policing programs, courts); sports organizations; youth clubs; behavioral health agencies; and other social service and supportive service organizations.

Link: https://www.grantsolutions.gov/gs/preaward/previewPublicAnnouncement.do?id=58609

Note: A technical assistance webinar will be held on February 23, 2017, 3:00-4:00 pm MST. In addition, a technical assistance webinar on “Evaluation – Review the Basics” will be held on February 23, 2017 from 1:00-2:30 pm MST.

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