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Deadline: July 29, 2014

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) Program for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages

The purpose of the Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) program is the development of viable Indian and Alaska Native communities, including the creation of decent housing, suitable living environments, and economic opportunities primarily for persons with low- and moderate- incomes. The Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) in HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing administers the program.

Eligible activities include the following. See the following link for a full explanation: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2011-title24-vol4/pdf/CFR-2011-title24-vol4-sec1003-201.pdf.

  • Acquisition. Acquisition in whole or in part by the grantee, or other public or private nonprofit entity, by purchase, long-term lease, donation, or otherwise, of real property for any public purpose.
  • Disposition. Disposition, through sale, lease, donation, or otherwise, of any real property acquired with ICDBG funds or its retention for public purposes, including reasonable costs of temporarily managing such property or property acquired under urban renewal.
  • Public facilities and improvements. Acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or installation of public facilities and improvements, carried out by the grantee or other public or private nonprofit entities.
  • Clearance activities. Clearance, demolition, and removal of buildings and improvements, including movement of structures to other sites.
  • Public services. Provision of public services (including labor, supplies, materials, and the purchase of personal property and furnishings) which are directed toward improving the community’s public services and facilities, including but not limited to those concerned with employment, crime prevention, child care, health, drug abuse, education, fair housing counseling, energy conservation, welfare, homebuyer downpayment assistance or recreational needs.
  • Interim assistance, such as repairing streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, publicly owned utilities, etc. and the execution of special clean ups.
  • Relocation payments.
  • Loss of rental income.
  • Housing services.
  • Privately owned utilities. ICDGB funds may be used to acquire, construct, reconstruct, rehabilitate, or install the distribution lines and facilities of privately owned utilities.
  • The provision of assistance to facilitate economic development.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Assistance to institutions of higher education.
  • Homeownership assistance.

Amount: Up to $70,000,000 is available for up to 100 awards.  There are two categories of funding:

  • Category One: Approximately $56,040,000 is available for all ICDBG eligible activities identified in the ICDBG regulation at 24 CFR Part 1003.
  • Category Two: Approximately $10,000,000 is available for grants for mold remediation and prevention in and on housing units owned or operated by tribes and tribally designated housing entities TDHE) or previously assisted with HUD funding.

The remainder of the allocation is reserved for projects undertaken due to imminent threat.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are Indian tribes or tribal organizations on behalf of Indian tribes.


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